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  1. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Quite honestly need to show them why NOT to abuse, a pat on the back with a ban isn't enough these days when they just repeat another offense tomorrow. Remove the entire item or items if they did for multiple items, no matter if it's a +20 weapon and no matter how much ncoin they spend to get it up to that point. Time to make them feel you can't get away with exploiting to make them stop exploiting.
  2. The Purge Starts in 2 Days!!!!

    Wont happen, nowadays this l2 MMORPG = Macro Manager Online - Report People Game
  3. This is Exploit?(Chronos)

    So what if they fix this, people would just drop tag and what is next then? Non clan players should automatically have a war with everyone? I think trying to fix this is like trying to dry up the ocean with a mop and a bucket. Also this "abuse" as you define it since we do not have any official word on this is simply a response from the war system abuse, the non stop grief fest and plain blackmail to threaten someone with war to give up their xp spot. War system was designed to be a consensual battle between 2 parties, both pvp oriented and equally matched. Not as a tool to use against a clan of exalted gear, afk toons, to prevent defense for "xp spot pvp" and retaliation. Another problem is the abuse with trigger wars with the lindvior reflect bug, the normal reflect damage bug, flagged in hide naked toon who step into aoe'ers damage, certain skills/items that still switch target no matter what setting you use or many of the other real exploits and abuses that really were not designed to be used this way to exploit war triggering. Sorry this may not be what you want to hear but due to player abuse and exploiting the game became like this. So thank those who went too far and made the game into what it is today, a dead macro manager online - report people game. (this is my definition for l2's MMORPG current state )
  4. Dragon Zone PVP

    is there even any competition left? i thought most of the big players left already and there is virtually no pvp anymore. also in my personal opinion i think others without maxed out gear should also have a chance, right now any pvp content is monopolized by whoever spend a fancy car or even 2 on this game and the ones who are 5 years behind in terms of gear have no chance to catch up already. Don't think the gap should become even bigger.
  5. This is Exploit?(Chronos)

    there is this topic again...
  6. I would really like the option to teleport to any of the daily instances (kamaloka, ashen, baylor, etc) from the teleport menu that we have for porting to field areas. I would also like to be able to teleport directly from the field without being in a peace zone into any of the timed zones that i have access for. As cherry on top: i would like that when the instance or timed zone is over it port me directly back to the spot from where i came, COC / olympiad still do this? if so copy that mechanism?
  7. Block characters below the following level from whispering me: Input box for a number Restrict whispers to the following characters: [ ] Characters that share the same clan [ ] Characters that share the same alliance [ ] Characters that are my friend checkboxes that allow multiple selections Hero chat need to be filterable again, it is NOT a solution to just /block all of them even if that is the easiest solution!
  8. well im not going to go and dive through that list to figure out which ones i can safely remove, so they better at least increase the size drastically. With this inaction we might actually need it increased to 10 as much, 5000 will do till 2021...
  9. Another day another new batch of /blocks added to my filling up block list. @Juji @Hime Any action going to be taken at all? I have 43 days left till my block list is at the max of 512 at this rate!
  10. I do not think they are taking any actions at all. Block list meanwhile is growing in only 17 days another 86 additional spam bots added. Thats about 5 per day so my block list will be full in about 45 days from now if this continues. @Juji @Hime Can the block list be expanded to 1024, 2048 or bigger?
  11. This problem could be easily solved making prestige pack giftable, opening up a new market and still generate (more) revenue for NCWest. 2 birds one stone but i don't think they will even look at this. Payment options are always difficult due to some countries not supporting the available options at all and credit card becoming the only one and not everyone want to get a CC specially not for just for 1 single game.
  12. 1: The game became a different type of MMO, namely a Macro Manager Online. Think i've said pretty much all that is needed to be said about this topic. 2: And worse, sometimes 1 year or longer periods between the store promotions which meanwhile leave no options to even catch up for those willing to spend $. 3: That will not be the best solution, in fact prestige pack should be opened up as a gift option to make it accessible to people and create a little bit more market movement and alternatives for adena spending. In the end NCSoft still get their $ so it's a win/win? 4: Game is pretty stale at this point, not much else to say about it. 5: Difficulty scales extremely poorly in this game. Harder mobs, virtually no xp increase nor improved drops. Raids are made harder and harder that it becomes increasingly difficult to keep groups going because everyone feels the effort and difficulty does not scale at all with the rewards and abandons doing it entirely. 0.00005% drop chance is a terrible not even remotely funny joke. 6: The problem for sure is the cost of any of these items wether defensive or offensive. They are extremely rare and limited to sometimes once a year or even less frequent store promotions. You can't get any of these items by normally playing the game. There is no way to catch up at all without spending a car into this game and if there is NCSoft is very quick to nerf it into oblivion. The real problem is the NCStore and morals of how this game is milked. I understand running a business but you do not need to run a game into the ground, put it in a coffin, put nails in it and shovel dirt over it to bury it by making it inaccessible for the majority. There are more honorable ways to still make big $. 7: There is too much pay 2 win that even with someone willing to put in the $ due to rarity and sometimes never returning items it is virtually impossible to fully catch up in at least a timely way. War system is grossly abused as a grief tool and grieffing low geared clans, until that can be fixed the other problem is a fact that will never go away because not everyone want to deal with the stupidity that is the current war system. NCSoft p2w system is directly responsible for killing pvp also. 8: It is simply sad that this issue has been going on for so long and even as of this day no one received any compensation even while the issue is nearly 1 year on-going now. 9: Support is horrible, i been trying for over half a year to get over 500$ worth in lost xp items back when ncwest had a whoopsie and somehow managed to delete the contents of my entire warehouse. As of this day nothing is being done whatsoever. Also there are support who are actually players in the game, their actions however only benefit who are on good terms with them, anyone else gets screwed in the bureaucracy of NCWest and receive a completely different support experience without any help whatsoever. This really needs attention of anyone in NCWest who may still care to make the game fair for all and not just for a small selected group. 10: Nothing new, best idea is to play or have a char on other territories server and keep an eye on them. This is your best bet of having timely information like with the homunculus update. The improved situation over there might be a eye opener and actually make you go and play there instead as what is happening on a large scale right now people are abandoning ncwest for other L2 territories. 11 to 14: It's sadly a known fact abusers, cheaters and exploiters are rarely banned while the victims and affected parties loose all their enjoyment to play.
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Thursday, July 9, 2020

    I really hope that does not mean server backups to restore in case of catastrophic failure. It was bad enough loosing contents of my WH, i do not want to find one day i miss pieces of gear because of a server "whoopsie". And to bring it up yet again since it still is not being looked at: Lost the contents of my warehouse with over 500 euro worth of xp consumables. I am still trying to get some meaningful answer and a resolution half a year later but so far the only thing i got was confirmation i did not access warehouse for over 3 months at the moment i put in the request. I might not be a top spender and this lack of service really sucks!

    again down... so now crashes added to the ncwest repertoire?
  15. Restoration Policy

    I find the fact as a "fellow player" they have GM-level decision power over who get the service and who won't more shocking then the abuse people been doing with this...