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  1. Blocked account without giving a reason

    Are you sure you (or the person affected) is actually banned and it is not just a new launcher glitch? I had one issue with the new launcher where it wouldn't let me login while the old one worked fine, after i did a password reset the new one worked correctly. Maybe it's this can't hurt to give it a try.
  2. Raid boss

    For all interested: Seems right now CC based raid bosses are bugged that if someone ports and does not manage to kill the boss no one else can port. Happens to all of them so before you blame the people who fail it (can't blame people for trying!), point that frustration & anger to NCSoft and help out with bug reports instead so they have not just 1 person reporting it and actually take a look at the issue at hand!
  3. Naia DOWN

    Chronos, Naia and Giran all down
  4. If you get one shot by a very over-powered player there is no chance to bsoe however. Obviously after a little while you will know which ones are "more likely" but i just see this as another one sided fight where attacker has the high ground (specially the ones with super stacked characters) vs the less geared / lower levels. This thing opens more cans of worms rather then solving realistic problems, i am sorry but afk macro wasn't a intended feature but got "condoned". The risk vs reward is there even if it goes trough a meta-gaming tactic. All this does is going to cause a lot of issues even outside the scope of what it is supposed to protect, which only will (as usual) please the big wallet and very geared, rich players. Hope NCSoft will consider the consequences for all this time before acting blindly to the few yay-sayers.
  5. Keucereus base defense bug

    @Hime @Juji Is it intended that one player can mess up an entire server by on purpose sabotaging and blocking off the entire keucereus alliance base preventing people with exalted from proceeding, taking away inner and outer, taking away every single normal and epic raid (tauti, istina, ekimus, tiat) removing seed of annihilation / seed of destruction / hellfire entirely from the game? Very few complain in official channels it seems but we already don't have for over a month now and if this keeps up we probably will never have any content from gracia with inability to finish exalted. Any response would be greatly appreciated and it would be great if this could be addressed finally.
  6. @Juji Could you please look into the issue of 1 single person able to screw an entire server by sabotaging the whole fight by killing the towers players are supposed to protect? At least please confirm this is not intended and will be fixed in the future. Bonus points if you can fix so we don't go 2nd month without Gracia (or worse permanently without)
  7. Still happening, every whole hour soulshots turn off for 1 to 2 minutes. Additional side effects: picked up items are not displayed, your unable to craft soulshots or any other item, you can't turn in quests or accept quests since this just throws a "generic" error of the action couldn't be completed. Time when it happens: 00:00 am/pm 01:00 am/pm 02:00 am/pm 03:00 am/pm 04:00 am/pm 05:00 am/pm 06:00 am/pm 07:00 am/pm 08:00 am/pm 09:00 am/pm 10:00 am/pm 11:00 am/pm 12:00 am/pm The problems are predictable to the exact second but already last for many months since the introduction of Kain von halter. Also not a problem with my computer, i asked over 20 other people of which every single one confirms the exact same problem and it seems so far no one is unaffected.
  8. Chronos down

    Extended downtime?
  9. randoms disconnects

    Same here, did remove GameGuard folder and the time it happens is really random but usually close to a client being started up. - Interacting with UI can cause it, like opening anything really. - Sometimes even without any interaction. - Sometimes a couple hours in, in the middle of killing mobs or raid. - Not a local issue only, US / EU people all report the exact same problem and it started since GameGuard removal. - Can happen many times to the exact same character or with different characters. Any logs you need to aid in fixing this issue @Neutron / @Conguero?
  10. hey my friend cant register..

    Tried using different browsers? If i have had trouble in the past with one browser, another would usually work without issues. With IE Edge & gmail combination i was able to make an account + verify it while with firefox & gmail combination i was getting a different error during the registration process compared to the one you got. Also check for antivirus & other protection tools trying to hide your info as this might cause it too, also might have to clear cookies, also make sure to not use a proxy or latency service as they may also be prevented from completing registry. Although granted the time frame you post it might also have been a simple downtime at the time you tried. Regardless, good luck!
  11. Chronos down

    Chronos down about 3 minutes ago now
  12. Would be great if a bug tracking method could be added to Lineage II forums to help us reporting the same bug in one place instead of having little bits and pieces everywhere and duplicated posts / tickets being made unaware of already made efforts by another person. For now i have compiled a list which hopefully will help @Neutron & @Conguero with a list of known issues and due to a lack of such resource/system would NCSoft / NCWest or you be willing to deal with compiling or maintaining such list or system? Newest issues Game font missing Older issues not yet fixed Every whole hour shots stop working intermittently At or around this time shots stop working for a couple seconds up to a couple dozen seconds. Very old issues not yet fixed Expanded inventory does not count for item receiving limits When you go beyond 96 or so items you can not return quests anymore that would make you receive items even if you are able to hold up to 156 items. Ghost characters Noticeable in for example Dion when you have been standing at the Auction House a long time when you head to the gatekeeper you can see a lot of characters standing there which actually are not there anymore. Sometimes even multiple characters of the same person. Can see certain effects like Longing Talisman glow and some skill effects like Balance Life trough walls Monsters seeing trough Devils Movement and similar skills that act like Devils Movement when you are teleporting Specifically noticeable at Artelia Fortress ports on platforms when mobs are very near you when you teleport there. Note: affected characters never had any (hostile) aura running and there was no class with such aura nearby in the same party. Contents from boxes: contents are lost entirely when affected by abnormal state When you are opening boxes and any abnormal state happens including Party Return, Clan Return, Fear, Stun, Knockback / Knockdown or other (immobility) effect that actually moves your character you loose all the contents and the box. This suggest that opening items works like skills and can actually be interrupted affecting proper receiving of items. Ekimus - When klanikus & klodekus are defeated npc does not spawn Randomly breaks but we had it happen 3 separate raids in a row. Kill speed did not seem to matter between fast and slow kills. Possibly related to the "escaping" trigger of Klanikus / Klodekus and killing them before they escape within this time? Atelia Fortress Still falling trough the world at certain areas, particularly before the first gate around the rocks. Game bugs - Several problems related to the game or effects caused from Lineage II. - Even though sound is disabled in the game there is a short click sound from the UI. Was fixed, bug reappeared. - When a lineage II window has focus full system gamma settings are affected making everything much more bright also outside the client. - When closing Lineage II there is almost always an exception related to closing Lineage II which looks like: - An launcher window with no inter-actable buttons remains present on the screen after launching Lineage II. Lineage II responds bad to alt-tabbing and has several problems that could happen - When click and holding right mouse button character will move in a straight line to where the camera is pointing. - Character responds randomly and runs to the current position of the mouse pointer regardless if there had been a (left) mouse click at all or not, even if it was off the Lineage II screen. Opening inventory - Sometimes the inventory shows up in a certain layout allowing interaction then re-arranges itself after a short delay risking and causing use of wrong consumables or items. - Sometimes gained items do not show up at all until clicking the re-arrange button. Status of this not fully verified, i did not notice re-arrange lately which might have been taken out causing the second bug which got "fixed" by double arranging the inventory which resulted in the first described problem. Certain characters cause the chat textbox font to become more spread out vertically increasing the line spacing. One character that causes it is the following: ` (same key as the tilde ~) When a ertheia character (Eviscerator or Seer) claims hero the on screen message wrongly states that "you" got hero. It's a amusing bug but kinda looks silly.
  13. Game Font Missing!

    It is a random issue sometimes won't happen at all for up to 3 clients, sometimes happens on one or more randomly. Only solution is to click the right button (decline) which makes the game close on confirm, on this screen you can't even close the game any other way. After that restart the client and hope the issue does not happen again, it can happen several times in a row. Checked with file repair, reinstalled L2, used different computer with fresh windows installation none helped so this seems to be a Lineage 2 client specific bug.
  14. Think i found a error with the event and the details. From the event details: Characters Lv. 90 and above only. But on draw yesterday one toon which is level 97 got a message along the line of "Only characters of level 99 and above are eligible to obtain reward". This message happened twice and in conclusion no winner was drawn on the phase of the +8 blessed eternal box on Chronos yesterday evening. Also verified with another character also level 97 on at the same time and this one did not have this message at all. Does this mean that even though according to event description characters need to be level 90+ to be able to receive the drawing price your character actually needs to be level 99 to receive the drawing price and hereby lost it due to this? Could you please check this @Conguero, since it is pretty important to know as otherwise chances are being wasted by playing / having non 99+ toons on event.
  15. We might have noticed wrongly but it seems shots start to glitch at the exact hour intervals. Might have seen wrong and it might bug more then that but it is annoying when shots stop working so often.