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  1. Current Update Bugs

    Launcher issues - Shared computer problem: when switching accounts Lineage II crashed which is very annoying. This seems to be a windows 10 problem and when using a shared computer to play L2, at home i don't have this problem as i do not have to share that pc. Taking back the above it also happen here now, seems something changed in the most recent windows 10 update when the lock screen is displayed after the computer has been idle for a while. Related error: D3DERR_DEVICELOST Not quite sure what windows is now doing differently but i guess it is related to "suspending" running processes in some sort of a way to save resources. Other games also have various problems like audio not working after coming back from the lock screen so might be a larger problem with the windows 10 update overall.
  2. Current Update Bugs

    @Draecke hope you don't mind it that i keep lists of issues together by posting in yours. @Juji@Hime Compiled a list of known issues that still occur to gather them here in one place. Overall performance - My melee character has a lot of hit lag specially during the weekend, my ranged aoe character seems to be not affected at all or not as visibly. - Target switching is very slow at times, both for melee and ranged aoe characters. - Random disconnects, not frequent but they do happen and only to 1 character. - Dreadnought aoe stops working correctly during lag spikes doing either no aoe damage or intermittently some aoe damage. Launcher issues - First time when you open the launcher the email box does not have focus. - When switching to the password box sometimes the focus messes up and unfocusses then refocusses the password field resulting in wrongfully typing in the password. - Shared computer problem: when switching accounts Lineage II crashed which is very annoying. This seems to be a windows 10 problem and when using a shared computer to play L2, at home i don't have this problem as i do not have to share that pc. Login issues During the whole hour starting around the 59th minute to around the 2nd minute past the whole hour it is impossible to login. Either game window fails to open entirely or you get errors about update server being unreachable. General client and game issues - Toggled hotbar items stay on even after a relog, make this a option to turn on or off so i do not waste skills, potions, boosts and general consumables. - Inside instances you always have to click next target twice before you actually get a target. - When npc's use skills that change your target in any way you need to click twice or more on next target to actually get a target. - Can click through the chat window which affects character movement if you tried clicking on a linked item and the chat scrolled up right before the click. - When mobs wander around they can't be hit until their wandering animation "finishes" because character only follows it without actually hitting it. - When following cursed sword to track it down on the map, when the owner teleports the last position is remembered no matter how often you click on the sword icon. Map needs to be closed and re-opened before you can see the new position. - When alt-tabbing a lot between other applications the client forces your character to move to where the mouse pointer currently is even if you did not click. - When alt-tabbing a lot between other applications left click is forced on so when you use right click to look around it makes your character run in random directions. - Lineage 2 client often responds to clicks and actions that were not performed in it, this problem got even more notorious since the last update. Item issues - Charms unequip when changing to a dual or main class. - Black scroll has a typo, it mentions failing to enchant twice when the first text should be succeeding. - Exalted bracelet mentions giving +30 to element attack, however it does not give +30 to element attack. - Soulshots and other crafted items sometimes do not show up in the inventory if you had run out of them before crafting new ones. Extremely rare, but when it happens only a relog will fix it which is not always a option. - Modify scrolls still drop from helios. Forum issues Forum still has a bug when you start with a @ mention without typing anything else you can't type anything afterwards (happens in firefox, not tested other browsers).
  3. Mobs on rocks or higher ground

    +1 @Juji@Hime I went around and saw several people their characters who are not able to target even 1 single mob due to a hill or rock on which mobs spawned. Specially bad now we have login Que and these characters are in game taking away resources without even any gains. Please consider moving the mobs away from trees, objects, steep terrain. What information does NCSoft need to fix this? Here are a few screens with locations that have this problem: Trees interfere and mobs spawn on top Hill/slope Rock Hill/slope Rock
  4. @Juji@Hime I used to spend 100's of $ on various store promotions but when i saw nothing back for that amount combined with the very poor customer service that is where i draw the line. Poor customer service that can be outlined to: - Auto reply canned answers, "solutions" that have nothing to do with the problem or completely ignoring the tickets and letting them time out automatically. - Reported bugs not being fixed or taking over 2-3 years to be fixed. - GM's giving wrong advice and unwillingness to undo their mistake when that results into monetary damage to me. - GM's doing actions for other players due to game bugs but for same bug treat players differently in the type of help being given. - Game bugs costing items which are then not being refunded. - 90 days (3 months!) later we still suffer from the exact same issues with latency (server performance), granted it has been better at times but now we back to square one with yet again login queque. I think you should understand all these reasons just ensure i will not buy 1 ncoin and more players will be joining this stance... NCSoft really needs to work hard to improve their position on the market, other companies even fresh ones are gaining ground fast over you and pulling in players who quite likely will not return here or for that matter play any other NCSoft title.
  5. mission failed, already noticing random sporadic small delays where you see shots used a short wait and then fight again, even if small they are obvious. sorry to say NCSoft but it looks like your trying to do surgery with a shotgun...
  6. Service Item Cost Purchase Artifact Artifact Book - Level 1 560,000 Adena Artifact Book - Level 2 560,000 Adena Artifact Book - Level 1 Artifact - Attack Attribute 600,000 Adena Artifact - Defense Attribute 600,000 Adena @Juji Sadly the stated prices are incorrect, in game the cost for the artifact books is 560 million adena not 560.000 adena and same for the attack and defense attribute artifacts they are 600 million adena and not 600.000 adena. Would be nice if those prices in game matched this to get people a tiny little boost if that is possible? For the pain we all suffered the past weeks?
  7. Will the 3 client restriction be removed or at least slightly raised to more?
  8. Please also request for the ability to turn off/filter away hero chat again, the removal of this option is not acceptable.
  9. Chronos down

    Chronos down @Juji @Hime @Cyan
  10. No more New Items Please

    I wonder if the "management" of NCWest does still care about what we have to say here or even reads our concerns. @Hime @Juji Prove me wrong and show us that you do want to address our concerns and pro-actively do something positive for us to show you do still care about Lineage II, your players and remaining loyal customers and that Lineage II isn't already declared abandoned and on minimal life support. L2Store prices are unappealing and have priced Lineage II out of the market due to competition having way better prices, way better chances and way better returns. L2Store prices also drive people away and my friend-list is a ghost town, from what once was a full list of active thriving people only 4 of them remain active as of this day. I have survived as only one from not 1 but several different full CP's, seeing them all slowly but steadily disappear from the game usually tied together to "yet another L2Store promotion" instead of "fun event we all can play". I see no returning players either from those who left, people that left have decided to leave permanently. Something needs to change drastically if you all want to see Lineage II survive, for this the biggest part is controlled by NCWest to keep the game fun and motivating to play. However you, yes you! The one reading this! You have a crucial role in this too!
  11. Blocked account without giving a reason

    Are you sure you (or the person affected) is actually banned and it is not just a new launcher glitch? I had one issue with the new launcher where it wouldn't let me login while the old one worked fine, after i did a password reset the new one worked correctly. Maybe it's this can't hurt to give it a try.
  12. Raid boss

    For all interested: Seems right now CC based raid bosses are bugged that if someone ports and does not manage to kill the boss no one else can port. Happens to all of them so before you blame the people who fail it (can't blame people for trying!), point that frustration & anger to NCSoft and help out with bug reports instead so they have not just 1 person reporting it and actually take a look at the issue at hand!
  13. Naia DOWN

    Chronos, Naia and Giran all down
  14. If you get one shot by a very over-powered player there is no chance to bsoe however. Obviously after a little while you will know which ones are "more likely" but i just see this as another one sided fight where attacker has the high ground (specially the ones with super stacked characters) vs the less geared / lower levels. This thing opens more cans of worms rather then solving realistic problems, i am sorry but afk macro wasn't a intended feature but got "condoned". The risk vs reward is there even if it goes trough a meta-gaming tactic. All this does is going to cause a lot of issues even outside the scope of what it is supposed to protect, which only will (as usual) please the big wallet and very geared, rich players. Hope NCSoft will consider the consequences for all this time before acting blindly to the few yay-sayers.
  15. Keucereus base defense bug

    @Hime @Juji Is it intended that one player can mess up an entire server by on purpose sabotaging and blocking off the entire keucereus alliance base preventing people with exalted from proceeding, taking away inner and outer, taking away every single normal and epic raid (tauti, istina, ekimus, tiat) removing seed of annihilation / seed of destruction / hellfire entirely from the game? Very few complain in official channels it seems but we already don't have for over a month now and if this keeps up we probably will never have any content from gracia with inability to finish exalted. Any response would be greatly appreciated and it would be great if this could be addressed finally.