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  1. mission failed, already noticing random sporadic small delays where you see shots used a short wait and then fight again, even if small they are obvious. sorry to say NCSoft but it looks like your trying to do surgery with a shotgun...
  2. Service Item Cost Purchase Artifact Artifact Book - Level 1 560,000 Adena Artifact Book - Level 2 560,000 Adena Artifact Book - Level 1 Artifact - Attack Attribute 600,000 Adena Artifact - Defense Attribute 600,000 Adena @Juji Sadly the stated prices are incorrect, in game the cost for the artifact books is 560 million adena not 560.000 adena and same for the attack and defense attribute artifacts they are 600 million adena and not 600.000 adena. Would be nice if those prices in game matched this to get people a tiny little boost if that is possible? For the pain we all suffered the past weeks?
  3. Will the 3 client restriction be removed or at least slightly raised to more?
  4. Please also request for the ability to turn off/filter away hero chat again, the removal of this option is not acceptable.
  5. Chronos down

    Chronos down @Juji @Hime @Cyan
  6. No more New Items Please

    I wonder if the "management" of NCWest does still care about what we have to say here or even reads our concerns. @Hime @Juji Prove me wrong and show us that you do want to address our concerns and pro-actively do something positive for us to show you do still care about Lineage II, your players and remaining loyal customers and that Lineage II isn't already declared abandoned and on minimal life support. L2Store prices are unappealing and have priced Lineage II out of the market due to competition having way better prices, way better chances and way better returns. L2Store prices also drive people away and my friend-list is a ghost town, from what once was a full list of active thriving people only 4 of them remain active as of this day. I have survived as only one from not 1 but several different full CP's, seeing them all slowly but steadily disappear from the game usually tied together to "yet another L2Store promotion" instead of "fun event we all can play". I see no returning players either from those who left, people that left have decided to leave permanently. Something needs to change drastically if you all want to see Lineage II survive, for this the biggest part is controlled by NCWest to keep the game fun and motivating to play. However you, yes you! The one reading this! You have a crucial role in this too!
  7. Blocked account without giving a reason

    Are you sure you (or the person affected) is actually banned and it is not just a new launcher glitch? I had one issue with the new launcher where it wouldn't let me login while the old one worked fine, after i did a password reset the new one worked correctly. Maybe it's this can't hurt to give it a try.
  8. Raid boss

    For all interested: Seems right now CC based raid bosses are bugged that if someone ports and does not manage to kill the boss no one else can port. Happens to all of them so before you blame the people who fail it (can't blame people for trying!), point that frustration & anger to NCSoft and help out with bug reports instead so they have not just 1 person reporting it and actually take a look at the issue at hand!
  9. Naia DOWN

    Chronos, Naia and Giran all down
  10. If you get one shot by a very over-powered player there is no chance to bsoe however. Obviously after a little while you will know which ones are "more likely" but i just see this as another one sided fight where attacker has the high ground (specially the ones with super stacked characters) vs the less geared / lower levels. This thing opens more cans of worms rather then solving realistic problems, i am sorry but afk macro wasn't a intended feature but got "condoned". The risk vs reward is there even if it goes trough a meta-gaming tactic. All this does is going to cause a lot of issues even outside the scope of what it is supposed to protect, which only will (as usual) please the big wallet and very geared, rich players. Hope NCSoft will consider the consequences for all this time before acting blindly to the few yay-sayers.
  11. Keucereus base defense bug

    @Hime @Juji Is it intended that one player can mess up an entire server by on purpose sabotaging and blocking off the entire keucereus alliance base preventing people with exalted from proceeding, taking away inner and outer, taking away every single normal and epic raid (tauti, istina, ekimus, tiat) removing seed of annihilation / seed of destruction / hellfire entirely from the game? Very few complain in official channels it seems but we already don't have for over a month now and if this keeps up we probably will never have any content from gracia with inability to finish exalted. Any response would be greatly appreciated and it would be great if this could be addressed finally.
  12. @Juji Could you please look into the issue of 1 single person able to screw an entire server by sabotaging the whole fight by killing the towers players are supposed to protect? At least please confirm this is not intended and will be fixed in the future. Bonus points if you can fix so we don't go 2nd month without Gracia (or worse permanently without)
  13. Still happening, every whole hour soulshots turn off for 1 to 2 minutes. Additional side effects: picked up items are not displayed, your unable to craft soulshots or any other item, you can't turn in quests or accept quests since this just throws a "generic" error of the action couldn't be completed. Time when it happens: 00:00 am/pm 01:00 am/pm 02:00 am/pm 03:00 am/pm 04:00 am/pm 05:00 am/pm 06:00 am/pm 07:00 am/pm 08:00 am/pm 09:00 am/pm 10:00 am/pm 11:00 am/pm 12:00 am/pm The problems are predictable to the exact second but already last for many months since the introduction of Kain von halter. Also not a problem with my computer, i asked over 20 other people of which every single one confirms the exact same problem and it seems so far no one is unaffected.
  14. Chronos down

    Extended downtime?
  15. randoms disconnects

    Same here, did remove GameGuard folder and the time it happens is really random but usually close to a client being started up. - Interacting with UI can cause it, like opening anything really. - Sometimes even without any interaction. - Sometimes a couple hours in, in the middle of killing mobs or raid. - Not a local issue only, US / EU people all report the exact same problem and it started since GameGuard removal. - Can happen many times to the exact same character or with different characters. Any logs you need to aid in fixing this issue @Neutron / @Conguero?