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  1. This system needs a serious rework because of the following problems: - Maybe 100's or more camera toons clogging up the server causing queue on top as well. These toons in turn keep every single area constantly loaded up causing more load on the server. - There are automated programs relogging toons every 2-3 minutes to perform a scan of every single level 120 greedy chest area. - There are automated programs which run the same pre-recorded path 24x7 to find chests. Before the botting for it got really out of control it was still possible to catch 1 or 2 chests every few days with
  2. Don't need +20 Focus, even +12 works fine. Already posted my lower budget archer setup on another post here. Seems to work fine, granted i do mix it with a ISS for level 5 buffs, level 2 harmony and POM but that makes sense to me really since you will want the most out of it. This is not a 100's of billions invest, most gear made when prices are low for specific items mixed with a little bit of luck to not fail too often. As a level 107 Ghost Sentinel keeps level 107 mob group cleared, granted it may fall behind occasionally if they spawn at bad spots opposite of where the aoe's are
  3. Sorry to say but if you have trouble with cleaning a spot on even more basic geared archer you may have something important you missed! Below ill post a lower budget level 107 (Dual 107 too) Ghost Sentinel setup i use which works pretty good: - +12 bloody R99 bow with stage 7 SA's (No 3rd SA). - Paulina ring. - Oly ring. - +12 Atlas. - Level 2 artifact book with skill crit dmg artifact +5 and skill crit rate +5 (rest filled with generally +4 and +5 artifacts). - +12 focus on the 2 most important skills (Multiple arrow and Heavy arrow rain). - Dex + Cha dyes (+4 Dex, +3 Cha, cra
  4. The nerf was actually not that bad as long you have a certain amount / certain types of gear. You also need to adjust your skill enchant route to cover for a bit. This "nerf" was not nearly as bad as the amputation the summoners received back in the days where the once top class was made the absolute bottom class so be happy they didn't do their worst on this one. My archer i play is still pretty damn good overall, still much more effective then my melee and nuker so i still enjoy mine. TLDR: make a few adjustments and you only loose a little bit of power, nothing extreme.
  5. For me atm no issues with logging in since maintenance. Had one time a problem with all characters disconnecting but at that point they also were showing a 1-2 second next target delay. After relogging the toons were fine and had no more delay since. Besides that and after the emergency maintenance i have not experienced much lag at all.
  6. I can't port it at all either, did not try on new toons but my main and 2 boxes i have on right now do not get the option. @Juji @Hime
  7. can this be increased to 105? those levels are reached really quick so it would do nearly nothing against the true problem (RMT spam/mails)
  8. @Juji atm melee dd doing 1 swing every 2 seconds, aoe dd also being affected with lag but not as much
  9. @Juji Chronos feels to be running worse now then it did before maintenance
  10. I rather see no more xp events or extensions, the main problem right now is people logging in their useless alts that kill 1 mob a hour "because it can get so much more xp" which then in turn causes everyone else to have to wait very very long... During login also had a disconnect on the que wait, going to log my perma red and remove a bunch of players to reduce the que... for everyone pissed about being disconnected after that 1 hour death say thanks to Juji and NCWest for this!
  11. @Juji Please do NOT extend xp settings at all, in fact please just never run any increased xp settings ever again and let korea fix field xp itself instead. Also please investigate the emergence of a new RMT company starting to spam, log in on the server and just stand in gludio for a few minutes and you will know what i mean...
  12. Actually not a strange idea to have since i have been wondering about that impact myself, in fact i brought it up myself as a somewhat inquiry in https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19857-out-of-game-macro-use-by-either-mouse-keyboard-or-software-or-a-combination-thereof/ Now i am pretty sure the gross of the issue at hand is not solely down to this but a combination of several under performing sub systems combined. But in the end things like this may be what is claiming its toll on the server and makes it struggle to keep up.
  13. Yes there is a threshold because i know when we had to turn in fortune pockets it used a lot of clicking and if you put the windows overlapping so you could spam click them really quick this would actually disconnect you if you spam clicks as fast as you could as if your life depended on it However each client action still comes at a cost on the server side. The client may have some of this logic on the client side like "if the skill is in cooldown inform user and do not send a request to the server" however there is some server logic involved. This is easy to test by clicking a skill
  14. Since this seems to be a accepted practice people been using this more and more. What makes me wonder is how many clicks are done per second, on how many characters and how much this may contribute to the server lag. The macro system was designed with 1 second between operations and to only switch target on the death of a pc/npc to not cause excessive load on the server. Now since it is allowed anyway (at least so far it seems) i would have a suggestion that may improve the quality of life for everyone including the ones not using this due to the gray area it poses namely: Allow to aut
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