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  1. I am not using any virtual machine at all, standard windows installation pure gaming computer for maximum performance with the following installed: Windows 10 Home 4Game launcher Avast Discord Steam NCLauncher 2 CurseForge MultiMC NVidia Geforce Experience (with graphics driver, physx system software and frameview SDK installed) Firefox Chrome VLC Media player Overwolf Teamspeak 3 Telegram Winrar Java 8 Java 16 SDK (was needed for new minecraft releases because it wont start with Java 8 ) Notepad++ There are some games which may have their own protecti
  2. In the past it used to work to have a exception for the lineage 2 folder for avast but that is not working now... Seems like this is also the issue i might be having but for sure turning off or uninstalling my antivirus is not a acceptable solution... @Juji @Hime @LIME
  3. This zone has always been very random with number of boxes for me, going anywhere between 50-90. I am dragging 1 box with me for buffs, br, etc and to make sure i do not have spare time after hitting 100 cap because i always hit that solo. As for rewards, i complained about it too since herald of light update but then in 1 day i got 1 insanity, 1 forgotten book and 1 artifact crystal so i guess just really random good/bad luck streaks.
  4. Understandable change, even if it sucks having the only positive thing taken away without getting anything back for it... Are there any positive changes incoming like making the game playable for those with less gear, who used to be fine/ok before this last update?
  5. My feedback will be pretty much echoing the general tone of people here. What the heck happened to content we actually used to do and enjoy? Factions, monster collections, realistic content that any player can enjoy not just those who are at the very top with gear? Content is ripped out of the game at a alarming rate to be replaced by cash shop only options, sure you need to run a company but don't do it on the back of customer / player enjoyment! Sure for me the IOS change was not bad, i make double the adena which is great but that does not reflect the situation for many many playe
  6. Thanks! Yeah, i figured it out myself that was the case and dragging back the skill indeed worked, i have edited the original post to add that to it
  7. Looks like sayha's encouragement no longer works since the update, i still comply to the requirements of having a venir 12 equipped however i can't use the skill any longer. Edit: Turns out for some odd reason something about the skill was changed? Dragged it in from my active skills and it now works >.< so for anyone else experiencing this issue you can fix it this way.
  8. I have reported these countless times, it's a hopeless situation because what is needed is backend filtering to stop them from creating a new bot every minute. This is a problem that always keeps returning here to NCWest, always the same RMT crap, always the same issue, always the same spam and no way for us to STOP it forever! The all block command is also completely useless because i will not be able to invite people or talk to people from friend list, we need a setting that only allow friends, clan, ally and party members to PM and none else!
  9. @Hime @LIME @Juji RMT spam is still continuing everyday, anything that can be done to stop this is appreciated.
  10. I don't pretend to know many of their clan members but i do know some of them, which were already tyrr/dread before red libra and they been that class for long time. As for who is causing it, no idea they are not my clan so not much i can do about that other then a bit of feedback here.
  11. This would have been a nice advice if you had not resolved to name calling. I got told off for repeatedly PK'ing specific people from a enemy clan, when i was not allowed to do that i resorted to triggering wars with their clan and again got told off for doing that as well. I do get that doing it for 20-30 times against the same clan or person is considered abusive at best harassment at worst but they just get back at them what they were doing to me in the first place! @Hime @Juji @LIME Currently people are held to 2 standards, some can do this and some can't. Why does a difference lik
  12. I agree with that it's not a healthy development at all that all big clans are starting to crumble down to 14 people clans just to avoid constant re-triggered war abuse. The mechanic needs to be changed to prevent abuse, even a grace period will not help because the offender could just switch to another clan and repeat the process. Sad to say but looks like this may become the next system that may get removed entirely just like Greedy Treasure Chests and countless other things solely because of all this abuse on these servers...
  13. @Juji @Hime @LIME RMT spam PM has started again...
  14. This Greedy Chest system needs to change ASAP! When normal players are waiting for those 500+ stupid Greedy Chest bot cams in a 300+ login que you know you have a gross error! @Juji @Hime
  15. Thanks for correcting! Been trying for several years to bring this to the attention unsuccessfully but it's good to see it finally is corrected now! Could you also please add all the new talismans that have come out over time for completeness of all the stats provided? Also some textual inaccuracies exist that would be great if they could be corrected namely: To equip your Artifacts, you’ll need an Artifact Book, which is sold by Giran Luxury Shop NPC, Alexandria, in Giran during this promotion. The book is always available, not just during the promotion There are 3 levels to th
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