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  1. Red Libra event

    So we can make a ticket to redeem 16th anniversary coins for rewards through support since the in-game "intended to be there" means were left out? How is this going to be fixed?
  2. Obviously, so it wouldn't even hurt to put it up then and they wont fix it any faster. At least for us players would make it a bit more bearable, with the high xp settings i did not like the lag at all but at least there was that to compensate for it so in the end it played out ok for all. Now we have no xp boost at all and seeing xp numbers that are so crappy that mean even a simple level is going to take double the time then it should.
  3. War System

    Meanwhile they cry about how the game is dieing out there is no pvp and no one pvp's anymore... well rocket scientists, this is exactly WHY!
  4. War System

    @Juji@Hime War system is being EXPLOITED to gain a UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over other players, this is not a normal gameplay mechanic anymore but another means to cheat. The bugs are outlined here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18440-using-war-exploits-to-gain-a-unfair-advantage/
  5. Due to lag xp is reduced to like half or even worse. Then there are bugs that only NCWest has and as of yet still not fixed even if they are aware. On top of that lately the disconnect issues causing messed up dailies, raids and what not. It's killing whatever enjoyment was left in playing and reduce it to nothing but frustrations all the time, not a good way to retain the few remaining active people. Seriously if we have to wait for that, most of us will be dead due to old age... Actions from @Juji @Hime are needed now and they need to make the korean overseers feel the losses and that there is actually a pressure here to fix these problems in a timely fashion. 8+ months is not acceptable and is should never be acceptable.
  6. Instead of waiting for all problems to be fixed give everyone a weekly compensation pack. Make the korean office feel the big losses and force them to come up with a solution faster, revenue loss is always a very good motivator.
  7. War system is broken and used to exploit, gain unfair advantages and parts of it are entirely broken War system is abused on castle sieges to declare on clans to prevent pvp and to prevent being killed, clans that are not registered to a castle as attacker or defender count as war kills while they shouldn't. War system is used to harass and be "invulnerable" to retaliation in field pvp, it is used in a way to extort for a spot and get a unfair advantage. When trying to take off a war it is supposed to say who is in combat, this is NOT working (works on other territories!) Request for a fix for this broken war system and allow to remove a war regardless that anyone is in combat before this game dies even more from all the exploiting and abusing. @Juji @Hime
  8. Imperial Tomb

    Mixa, but that contradicts the claim Juji made about all territories receiving the boost... It can be one or the other not both. Self contradicting statement...
  9. Imperial Tomb

    @Juji Also another thing innova / 4game / NC EU whatever you want to call them had this update at or before 28 march 2020, how can a setting for a event 1 month later even be active or span across all territories when the celebration period is not even the same? These type of answers only raise more questions, concerns and unbelief.
  10. Imperial Tomb

    @Juji The least they can do is instill that 20 tril bonus as the new default and keep it that way, at least to make up for the 30-50% xp reduction overall we experience everyday due to lag.
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    @Hime @Juji @Cyan What about the bugged IT instance that is supposed to give us 40 tril since the base xp is 20 tril? We already missed out on 280 tril xp so far, server lag is further reducing our xp by about 50% so having a working IT bonus would be the least you can do! So now we going to go another week without fix which means another 140 tril added to lost xp.
  12. Is the imperial tomb quest double xp going to be fixed next maintenance? Would be nice as it would kinda off-set the huge xp loss from this terrible hit lag... So far we miss out on 140 tril (first week 16th anniversary shouldn't have been up but was) Then another 140 tril this week Not to mention having xp effectively cut in half or worse due to hit lag...
  13. @Juji and @Hime please investigate the Chronos server. Since last maintenance it is running very unstable, lots of disconnects happening at seemingly random (or during whole hour server lag problem).
  14. PLEASE Ban the Adena Sellers Spam!!

    The amount of RMT spam is getting really disgusting and to top it off my blocklist is full! NCWest can you please increase it to 65535 because 512 is clearly not enough!
  15. Evi & Feoh overpower?

    Quite honestly eviscerators do not need any nerf, it was fine but it is going to be nerfed anyway. The 5x damage with steel mind replaced with a 30% hit to hp with a certain chance and i fear it is going to really make it yet another sucky class not able to compete vs the AOE feoh/archer dmg... If anything should be nerfed its feoh's and archers because when i run through zones you see feoh feoh feoh feoh archer archer archer archer archer and then... more feoh feoh feoh archer archer... Rename the game to FeohArcherAge II please...