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  1. I connect from Argentina and a few days ago I am working with lag. Many friends also from Argentina have the same problem.
  2. They would not be understanding the point. Think for a minute, he is not using external software and was banned. He wants to know the reason to be able to play without running the risk of losing another character again. In a few words, he is asking please to help him play without problems. Do not start attacking with things like 'Do not use external software, you do not get banned' because that is the problem, he only has the l2 installed and it was forbidden. I'm sorry for my English
  3. Totally in accordance with the posted. Please check the ban system.
  4. Bounty Hunter - Fake Death

    The skill "Fake Death" does'nt work. I use the skill and the mobs keep hitting. Do you know if it happened to someone? TY