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  1. I have played this game previously. I know that the hardcores intransigents players wouldn't want any change, NEVER. Okay. When there are 300 real players then this server will close or we will cried. You have to learn to give so that all can find new ways to improve the game. An example, i have always been able to save some money to buy part of a equipament or materials to crafting something in others versions of this game.(Not all equipament or a full weapon) until grade B. In this way it's impossible with this rate of adena for the mayority of players (no-bots). If i can buy something
  2. First of all, I am sorry because my Engilsh is a bit bad. I think the game should change because without a stable ndividual economy it is impossible to progress in the game. I post here some suggestions: Note: This will not make the game less hardcore if we bear in mind that right now it is not as hardcore as the original. Adapting the game to the free time is essential today PVE Increase the adena drop by 20% The adena is fine to supply the expenditure of SS but it's insufficiente when we want to save money, go PvP or do Daily Quests. No more mechanics AFKs in events, i
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