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  1. Reward in event or it's possible that they will be added to L2Store as well? And another one question. When server transfers will be opened again?
  2. I think that's good idea:) NCWest will get some profit from runes, vitality items etc. and people will get exp Summon @Juji
  3. Wasting boosts

    Free cat buffs for everyone!
  4. Stream will be today at 21:00 GMT+3
  5. We finished buying fragments in Chronos, thanks for the help, but still buying some on Naia;)
  6. There is still ~20% chance of LUC affection
  7. In a collaboration with dUdot we will run Guard Agathion Charms overenchanting stream. Now we are preparing. You can help us by selling Guard Agathion Fragments to dUChant (/target dUChant @Aden) on Naia or to Jokko (/target Jokko @Giran) on Chronos. Information about exact date will be a bit later, when we will buy all items needed. More information you will be able to find here: Discord: https://discord.gg/XAFcMtQ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/dUdotLineage2 P.S.: You will have chance to get a prize
  8. Heroes, November 2018

    more important list: OmenOfSteels - 1 OmenOfSteels - 0
  9. The only thing i admitted - you're smarter than unicellular organisms. But don't worry, it's and achievement anyway If you have nothing to answer about the topic, then please don't spam with useless comments and don't involve other people in this. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for your smart and useful comment, but my question wasn't addressed to you.
  11. So, it's fine that people wasted their time everyday making this instance everyday and wasn't able to finish their bracelets because passes was removed 6h before maintenance?
  12. I think you should inform people that Merkios’ Entrance Pass will be deleted before the maintenance.
  13. Should be like this: Live Servers DEAD, Only Event I Need Can Save Us
  14. MERGE 2.0 (Naia vs Freya)

    Necroposter detected
  15. XIGNCODE3 Launch

    Have to agree with glorious Aden Trader) I hope it will work well.