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  1. @Hime @Juji What about old Zodiac Agathion Charms (those with active skills), they won't be added?
  2. Can we finally have information about server transfer availability? It was said that server transfers will be opened back in the early April, but it's the end of April and there is no even information about status. More than that - all questions about that topic are ignored by staff members.
  3. When server transfers will be opened back?
  4. Hime, what about server transfer? It's last week of "early April" .
  5. Went to Oblivion
  6. What kind of issue it was? And when transfers will be back? Early April is already here))
  7. In this post Hime said that it should be opened in early April. Looks like it's still not early. Or not April. Or it was joke on April Fools day
  8. Reward in event or it's possible that they will be added to L2Store as well? And another one question. When server transfers will be opened again?
  9. I think that's good idea:) NCWest will get some profit from runes, vitality items etc. and people will get exp Summon @Juji
  10. Free cat buffs for everyone!
  11. We finished buying fragments in Chronos, thanks for the help, but still buying some on Naia;)
  12. There is still ~20% chance of LUC affection
  13. In a collaboration with dUdot we will run Guard Agathion Charms overenchanting stream. Now we are preparing. You can help us by selling Guard Agathion Fragments to dUChant (/target dUChant @Aden) on Naia or to Jokko (/target Jokko @Giran) on Chronos. Information about exact date will be a bit later, when we will buy all items needed. More information you will be able to find here: Discord: https://discord.gg/XAFcMtQ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/dUdotLineage2 P.S.: You will have chance to get a prize
  14. more important list: OmenOfSteels - 1 OmenOfSteels - 0
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