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  1. Stupid Event

    If you had gotten weapons, it would be the best event of all.
  2. Agree, but put on the server, i cant breath
  3. Please man, i cant breath, give me a doctor
  4. Pls up the server, i cant breath
  5. Dont be mad CottonCandie, if you dont like my post, just avoid, or you're looking for fame?
  6. WTT Scallop Jamadhr for Light Crossbow

    Wtt scallop jamadhr for light crossbow, wisp LikeAStone, or to another topd weapon
  7. Nooo dont close classic, i cant breath
  8. Please, up the server, i cant breath
  9. Best place to lv up or doing quest 20+?

    Do the spider quest to lvl 24, an then go to orc barrack
  10. Archer aoe skill

    Burst shot baby
  11. Dyes Question.

    Nice table
  12. lvl 40, progress/wep choice?

    Just get a bow and make an archer :3