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  1. Stupid Event

    If you had gotten weapons, it would be the best event of all.
  2. Agree, but put on the server, i cant breath
  3. Please man, i cant breath, give me a doctor
  4. Pls up the server, i cant breath
  5. Dont be mad CottonCandie, if you dont like my post, just avoid, or you're looking for fame?
  6. Nooo dont close classic, i cant breath
  7. Please, up the server, i cant breath
  8. Best place to lv up or doing quest 20+?

    Do the spider quest to lvl 24, an then go to orc barrack
  9. Archer aoe skill

    Burst shot baby
  10. Dyes Question.

    Nice table
  11. lvl 40, progress/wep choice?

    Just get a bow and make an archer :3
  12. Phantom ranger it is good in classic?

    Phanton Ranger, the best archer