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  1. But bots are running rampant in-game everywhere you look, item descriptions in NCshop are still broken since release. PK system is a joke. Nothing but lies in the opening stream with Juji and Hime. And now purely P2W items in shop. GG I think I'm done here, and with NCsoft as a company. Get your priorities straight you goons.
  2. I don't like the Othell's much either, even being a melee. But clearly it was added to bridge the gap between Mages and Fighters, which used to be a lot bigger before the +12 Wit was removed also.
  3. Priorities am I right? Can''t have people knowing who the botters are!
  4. BTW GM's are still telling people that the level cap is 70 while people are already 76, try it yourself and make a ticket
  5. Why even bother posting this? The fact that you think we're playing 1.5 says enough
  6. Still no Clan Hall's Still no Sieges Still no Oly Still no word on any patch Still no response from GM's since Holiday's ended, so what gives?
  7. @Hime Are you guys trying to kill this game on purpose?
  8. Yea I can't understand this at all, they just kicked out the chair from under themselves
  9. I'm just waiting for them to say they're still "checking" the Adena "scaling" issue after over a month has gone by already
  10. You will never afford beast shots for farming on DA, only use them for PvP. Even summoners can't afford beast shots and they can craft them for cheaper.
  11. They could prevent it but it would take lots of people combing through logs, and they don't even want to pay for one guy to go around banning for bots so yea it will never happen.
  12. They have logs of EVERYTHING you do, they know where the Adena comes from.
  13. When have you ever played another game where you were not able to play for 2 days because the games bot detection wrongly accused you of doing something wrong, really they are doing great work
  14. Lots of companies have become very disconnected from their fans, look at Blizzard struggling right now. Look at the whole Battlefield 5 debacle that lead to terrible sales. With NCsoft though they've always had this problem, I guess it just has to do with all the decisions being made by NCKorea and there being some sort of disconnect between the players and the people making the decisions. Video games are on the decline recently and it mainly has to do with greed.
  15. In all seriousness this server will die before brooches even hit the shop, never played a game that had such useless GM's (including illegal servers). Hopefully it will last until WoW Classic at least, it's definitely the last NCsoft game I will ever spend money on though.
  16. Good luck, let us know how this works out for you
  17. Most of the time it drops nothing or 1x D Gemstone, enjoy!
  18. 4 PK's and up you will start to have a chance to drop items while you have karma.
  19. I was told we'd be getting 1.5 Classic server, but here we are... NCsoft loves to lie to their customers.
  20. Whatever NCwest decides to change on this server it's still considered official because in the end it's run by NCsoft, not saying they aren't making some terrible decisions though.
  21. If you only have ~2hours per day your best bet is to definitely solo and just log out at your xp spots to save time on running back the next time you log in. But yea later on when you get 55+ you're not going to make much progress each day only playing 2hrs, the xp starts to get a bit nutty.
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