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  1. The event is for people who didn't buy the circlets and wanna spend some currency. The fact that it is 15th anniversary is just a coincidence, and not really a celebration of the game and community supporting it.
  2. @Juji @Hime Censorship of a post that calls you out without any RoC breach just confirms what was written in the post.
  3. I would say its cheaper to invest the money you would pay for electricity into NCoins then.
  4. Don't be silly, NC West L2 is not for regular people.
  5. Love why do you even try. It is obvious NC West team put in 0 effort into this 15th anniversary after months of hype they were creating. Events we got are just another money milking "special" sale. And 2 recycled events. As you know all content in this game is monetized and the community of this game will get 0 content that is not paid for. What you can get for the glorious 15th anniversary is a colored balloon stick.
  6. At the moment there is not a lot of adena income routes available. The obvious ones, as you expect require either a lot of time or adena investment, would be: 1) Gemstone Powder Grind: Level up toons in order to complete Adventurer Quests that give Lvl 1 Jewels. In total you get 4 Lvl 1 Jewels from the quest line that you can grind into Gemstone Powder and sell for around 80m per item. There is a small cost of getting jewel grinders but you can get those for 3m per item. Total profit for one toon around 300m. 2) Olympiad Farm: Participate in Olympiad with low level toons to farm
  7. @Nortewemko excellent post. Unfortunately it is as good as saying it to the door by posting it here. I would suggest you post an article on Medium about the issue and tweet it to NC Soft. Way more visible platforms than this forum.
  8. Because mobile devices are more available and omnipresent than desktop computes?
  9. I love the little quirks all enchanters have. <3
  10. that's a misconception, its free to login
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