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  1. The client will be closed.

    same here for two days
  2. Lf yul help

    Tons of info thx everybody
  3. Lf yul help

    I think im going to follow this avice and try get more for my money going to look in the tauti ring , longing talisman and the hair accessory and abu 1 if i can maybe with that wont take a min to kill stuff. Oh and tezza . Thx again
  4. Lf yul help

    Thx for the help
  5. Lf yul help

    I have yul lvl 98 this what i have as gear when i hit 99 +6 bow regular 1 sa +6 light set full ele armor regular ant queen soul baium soul octavis earring and neck the other earring is freya i think ill check when i get home no dyes i only have about 20 bil my question to you guys is what should i get first i was told to try and buy weapon atleast a +12 blessed 2or 3sa then work down from there . This toon is going to pve only not looking to spend tons of money to compete with the top dogs . i have iss standard gear for buffs. Any help will be appreciated.........noob yul from chronos
  6. Infinity Stones

    Anybody notice in the server select screen those stones look like the infinity stones from the avenger movies.
  7. Iss ++ dances

    I have iss which had +10 buffs and resis whats going to happen to the plus skills im losing . I had to spend money on those +++ buying Ncoin. Btw i have not log in yet just want to know when i login this weekend .