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  1. Best class to farm OB is warlord hit lvl 40 do class change then learn aoe skill, delevel to 37 and farm away
  2. You say please continue to send feedback, how much more feedback do you need? The players aren't happy with the crappy rates. Classic was a good idea, but the greed from ncsoft is ruining the experience and nostalgia I had. I've invested in vip 4 the first week it opened in 3 accounts, and about another 150$ in n-coin for shots and buffs. But I promise I wont spend a other dime on this game as long as rates stay this way.
  3. Yes, or you can buy shots and teleport scrolls from l2 store like they want us to do. Gotta love the greed with ncsoft
  4. Keep the attendance check in game so free players have some what of a chance to compete
  5. Aren't maintnance/patch notes normally posted by now? Chances are nothing will be fixed, and gatekeeper fees will be back, Enjoy not being able to afford to port anywhere again folks!
  6. Bullshift was a botter, that's why he was banned. There's video proof out there too. I seen his buffers ibuff and Idance botting in fettered souls 4 weeks ago. So keep crying about your bot friends getting banned. He got what he deserved. Just like 100% of the other players who were banned then cry on forums.
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