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  1. Hello there. This question is posed more for the dagger veterans in the game, however I welcome all discussion between them. Cursed Maingauche deals 62 damage and has approximately a 30% chance to deal a lv.4 bleed on crit. Maingauche deals 69 damage flat. They cost the same. Which one would be better and why?
  2. @ShiroJib Generally speaking, mobs up to the first level of blue should be fine for farming. Anything past that (unless the adena or xp is really good still), move on to slightly tougher mobs.
  3. @Sediyon The main reasons you do the sweetest venom quest until level 25 are: They should get you to top No Grade weapon after you have completed all 50 quest repeats within that week. The Moon Knight armor you get is essentially top D grade, so you will stick with it for a very long time until you can afford C grade gear. You buy your D grade weapon as soon as it is available to you. The cost of D soulshots is marginally more expensive than No Grades. DO NOT spam your SS if you think you will not be making a profit out of the enemies you kill. If you can, try using your soulsho
  4. And, I ask again: what method would you use to amass this wealth you claim to be able to make?
  5. You seem to have made a lot of assumptions here. I'm a solo PW (plainswalker, the dagger class). I do not play with parties, let alone mass spoil AoE groups.
  6. Could you please elaborate more on this method that you use to make profit faster than what I used to amass 2m+ so far? I'd like to try it myself.
  7. @Potato The Elven Bow has slightly more DPS due to the faster attack rate. But, the longbow with its higher damage allows you to kite slightly farther every shot (saving SS in the longrun -even if marginally so). I personally prefer the Elven Bow, but to each their own.
  8. How can you assume that? probability distribution from the current population? I'm currently a lv43 PW with cursed maingauche (1.5m dagger). I currently have 400k in raw adena, and I have SS on automatic use. No, I do not buy SS with NC. The only real item drop I've received is the Falchion from the Turek War Hound. Even now, I'm making profit killing mobs using SS every hit. Getting mat drops (and other additional drops) is icing on top.
  9. Adena drop values, spoil rates, and drop rates used to be a major concern when the game launched. Previously, you couldn't even sustain your SS. 2 weeks ago, they doubled the rates on most mobs. Now, you can have SS active at all times and still make a profit. Right now, it's more than realistic to reach top D by the time you're lv40. That's more than you need. The game is great as it is. They have heard the community's outbursts before and actually did something about it that's more than acceptable for the vast majority of the game population.
  10. @xHaseo Can you clarify what you meant by "Daggers can exp with a bow till late 40-60's cause you'll need a bow ANYWAY"? Do you mean, even as a plainswalker, we should use bows upwards our late lv60's? I'd really like to go plainswalker, but I'd like to be informed before I torture myself over my decision. Thank you so much in advance!
  11. Bump since I would really like to know other's thoughts on this
  12. For your archer specifically, it is 100% better to go for low D instead of top NG. top NG consumes 2ss per shot, whereas low D only takes 1.
  13. I am currently a lv31 elven scout who's confused on whether to go Plains Walker or Silver Ranger. I see far too many archers and mages in the game, and almost no dagger classes whatsoever. So it leads me to want to play the path less followed. However, daggers upon thorough inspection hardly have any merit to them at all in PvE. The only "real" argument I've seen from people is that you should play them if you think you'll have fun. But, that's something that can be said in general. Such as beating all of Pokemon with only a Magikarp (if one finds such a thing fun). Empirically I fou
  14. I've just been wondering lately about the benefits of having multiple characters on the same account. I can't log into them at the same time (obviously). The items aren't shared via private warehouse, which makes making spoilers or crafters kind of worthless. Is there anything worthwhile in them other than having a different experience with a different character?
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