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  1. Clan Halls >>>> NOT RIGHT

    https://www.lineage2.com/news/clan-hall-auctions @Juji Where does it say anywhere on there about there being a chance for a dual stamp.... This is a complete joke man, you can take my clan hall and refund me my bid. Thanks
  2. Clan Halls >>>> NOT RIGHT

    Roll back server to before auction ! lol i feel like i was ripped hard
  3. Clan Halls >>>> NOT RIGHT

    No Toi floor ports from aden.... the clan hall is a glorified 50% res... nothing more can I have a refund please
  4. Clan Halls >>>> NOT RIGHT

    WTF is that a chance.... every week/day/????
  5. Um Aden Clan Hall fully upgraded does not sell dual craft stamps... will this be fixeD?
  6. Clan originally from Magmeld server back in the day. Currently level 2 w/ lvl 2 xp buff. Looking for active lvl 25+ ENGLISH speaking players only. We have experience with end game content (Epics/Castles/Pvp) Must have discord or be able to download it. If you are interested please contact Rinek in game or put in an application on Clan Entry feature in game. Feel free to join the clan discord and chat with members: https://discord.gg/8hkkfZw
  7. server transfer

  8. server transfer

    I was just curious when we could expect to be able to transfer from say Aden to Talking Island. Went with aden since I was unable to connect to talking island or giran. All my friends / clan is on Talking Island but I figured id be able to join them eventually. Thanks!