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  1. Good work NCsoft! You still haven't resolved the drop rate problem, but you have no issue with some cash grabs! Black Friday sales, extra cosmetics... The game's broken but need to eek out that extra cash while you can!
  2. Or you can be like me and have a single account and nothing but stupid event candy!
  3. I'm glad that people are calling NC out on their lackadaisical stance on bots. It's been like that since day 1, though.
  4. I wish the guards would hit you back, makes deleveling 100x faster.
  5. Not really. It's the equivalent of the "can i speak to your manager" haircut.
  6. 100% true Heck, I've seen people change ISPs get told the same story haha The answer is: if you value your account do not do account sharing.
  7. BBB is just a third party thing, has no bearing on.. anything.
  8. The bot report button does actually do something. It sets off an automated process. If they fail the capcha they are debuffed and flagged for manual review afaik
  9. Some of us actually want a long-term enjoyable game, not a 1-2 month fling. I'm ready for some major time investment here but they still haven't figured out how to manage their game properly in the 14 years it's been around.
  10. The player base isn't asking for increased exp, level 76 and maxed out weapons. The player base is asking for a fair playing field. That is all. Nerfing adena/drop rates well below original prelude/c1 goes goes against the game's intended design. It just makes RMT, botting, and even just abusing multiboxes that much more prevalent.
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