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  1. I dont know why NCSOFT close every post about videos with people botting, people are starting to thing, they dont ban bots, becouse NCSOFT are goldselling or at least, receiving a % of gold selling webpages. Its ridiculous every low-mid farming zone, its full of party, and Spiders... PUFFFFF they looks like ants, lines of 5 or 6 bots hitting at the same time 1 spider... I know this post its gonna be closed without no reason, but at least i tried.
  2. Please Whisp: Koizumi Bowsette Boosette Im Online Right Now.
  3. WTB Blunt / Spear with 51 Patk 600k, im gonna contact you in 8 hours aprox, leave Character name!. BB.
  4. I Send a ticket since day 1 of gludio, and nothing, i lost interest now. Only two persons works on NCSOFT?, the 2 guys from the livestream?
  5. Its your connection dude, i have 3 accounts connected all the week, and never disconected (Only for Maintenance).
  6. WTB Mage Staff: Plz PM: Bowsette Boosette Koisumi Tnks!.
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