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  1. how to ride the mount

    someone said theres a suming scroll but i dont see one
  2. ok so equipped it in the braclet slow and my hotbar. when i click on it nothing happens.it goes back into my inventory. how do i ride it?
  3. hawkeye class transfer quest

    BLEH never mind. missed 1 of the quests.had to watch few you tube videsos to see I missed 1 of the 3 items I needed
  4. hawkeye class transfer quest

    so, I completed the quest test of sagattaruis. I hit level 40 but am still a rogue. I revisited the npc president Bernard in hunters village, hamil in floral village but nothing. am I missing something else to do to get the title hawkeye? treied researching the forums and the net. nothing
  5. hawkeye class transfer quest

    help. I did the 1st quest at 36 or 37. jusy dd another quest- test of sagittarus. am level 39 now. when do I get the title hawkeye?is there a 3rd quest at 40 or do I automatically get it when I hit 40??
  6. split stack

    i'm trying to + a weap. I made 3 scrolls but it wont let me put just 1 scroll in the slot at the blacksmith
  7. split stack

    how do you split a stack? treied shft, alt, etc none of them worked??
  8. enchanting guide help

    LOL giran. sigh ! thanx been try to run to every town, every shop try to find him again thanx
  9. enchanting guide help

    can someone point me to right direction for guide for enchanting. seen one on another site but want make sure i'm getting right info. had read +1-3 is 100 % to start with also swear I seen a npc that made enchant scrolls for d weaps. waned something like 50k and 200 soul stones or something but for life of me can't find that npc now
  10. daily vip boxes

    question, I have vip lvl 3. see there should be 2 daily rewards I think?? I see the 1 in the l2 store that gives you 2 escape scrolls, 2 rez scrolls and 5 hp potions I also see a passive skill that says youre supposed to get few things 5 % fishing xp. 3% pve damage, drop rate 30%, few others. I don't see where youre supposed to get these items from??