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  1. And why now we haven't any problems for 3 days? the problem fixed as magic? And the problem was only in Lineage? And here we have jobs with internet. We works from home . (Coronavirus) And why we play official for years with out problem and only the last month's after some updates we have? Anyway for now all its ok No dc no lag for 3 days ...will we see ...but there is not clear answer . btw, i have Superfast Broadband 100mbps fiber.
  2. What happened 3 days now ..no dc ...no lag...in Naia
  3. Hello I'm from Greece (Athens) and i have the same problem and i m NC soft customer . I purchased many times Ncoins, i play 9 years official. So the problem is not the ncoins ,and I have speak with Cosmote and the problem is not mine...anyway today from 10 the morning until now i don't have any lag or DC . Let see from tomorrow.
  4. mass dc all clan again and again, today 10-15 times . Start with lag and one by one all characters dc. And no answer from nc soft team ..is this the end of lineage 2 official ? maybe for me. This,is not a game., this is nervous breakdown.
  5. Again the server problems every day the same hours lag and dc 2-3 times per day . THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL SERVER. this is...... and finally transfers players from Chronos to Naia...ahahahahahhaaa. Very nice decision.
  6. Server Normal but lag disconnects every day. Do something NC soft ..this is not official server.
  7. Yes melee lag and low attack speed is back, but the problem is not like before...too many people online.
  8. Looks better for now ..lets see at weekend. Loc. Athens Greece
  9. The same problem and after the restart...Lag attack and meleee. So today morning the same problem. Lag attack and melee.
  10. So again lag attack speed . Server was nice the first 2 hours.
  11. 1) Athens Greece 2) No 3) Melee lag has returned 4) Every where latency lag
  12. Lag and lag and again lag attack...and after the event more lag...and lag forever.
  13. https://www.lineage2.com/news/wild-horizons-update-preview
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