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  1. Don't attempt to still trying to proof some people that servers are not dying... they would just leave and don't appear again, but, they are just complaining even when some of them don't play. Some people has offered their own experience without having trouble with Xp, SP, Shots Etc, but they are ignored or just treated really bad for Cryers. In the end, we can see that the most of players are playing right now, because of they don`t have time to come here to check what's possible to find in forums, the most of the people in forums are here to cry for anything and some little part like you and me, come just to see how this Ocean of tears is growing up , but sometimes we really find some useful things to use in-game. Conclusion: Let them Cry, Servers are not in risk.
  2. Right mouse button stuck

    I got something similar, was really weird... after making right click the character starts moving ahead and I just move the mouse to the right or left to guide him, was funny for a short time. then I pressed the right click again and everything become normal... really weird thing was that.
  3. 2 months into game

    I'll Check and i'll go to see how many Bots are there, and then i'll take my final conclutions hehehehehehe. Thanks
  4. 2 months into game

    Which "right locations" are those?
  5. 2 months into game

    Yes , possibly many people already knew it and that's the sad thing... Many of us was waiting for a Classic Experience.. and we got a terrible compilation of many chronicles at low rate. That's sad.
  6. 2 months into game

    Even with that it is very expensive... I mean, Over Enchant is possible with many many tries (adding the chance of getting a weapon scroll part from chest), but for that is needed a lot of Adena... That makes me think really bad.
  7. Solo farm as mage

    Welll, since you have all that stuff I must say I'm impressed and you have 2 options: 1. Obtain the Adena from you get it before to obtain all your stuff and then use your main to go to Abandoned Camp outside the place everybody are making parties to use Area Of Effect skills. 2. Made a Shillien Elder to support your Mana Use and Go to AC to get a funny day. In Addition I must say that the only mobs that seems vulnerable to water attack available are the Salamanders, so make your own way.
  8. lvl 55 exp bug

    Oh! Well, Good Luck with That
  9. Spoil + VIP 4

    Yes, but not the Drop Spoil, only the ordinary one.
  10. lvl 55 exp bug

    That's not a bug, in another forum already was told that exists 4 or 5 "walls" common in all classes, where you'll take much more time because of the needed of SP for the next Skills to learn. Try to Search it.
  11. Quest 100kk rewad is possible :D?

    Looks like the possibilities are like 1000% less than get a fulldrop A grade hhahhahhaha , but believe me, soon or later someone will to appear saying he won that quest, when he was buying Aden on black Market; That's only a question of time.
  12. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    I don't understand about your complain, so I'm unable to answer.
  13. Heavy or light for Scavangers?

    This is a question similar than one made days before related to one SE. The answer is simple, look at your passive skills which armor gives better stats (for me the light is the one), then , look at your needs and the abilities the armor of your choice gives and then select one.
  14. High lag, please community post your ping

    I'm From South America, Colombia is my country and I am playing really well, very fluid and even more since the last maintenance. In my clan we play with some people from Brazil and even one Greek, and everybody is playing well. Just telling in case it could be helpful for @Hime or @Juji.
  15. Question about Moon Knight Armor

    Asking for praises... Didn't read the title good enough. The Simple Answer is: Light Moon Armor.