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  1. "F2P" is a business model when company receives much higher profit than in "P2P" business model. In general, most of the players pay 30+ euro a month, while some spend 100+ euro to cover multiple accounts. This level of expenses for players and profits for company implies that there should be adequate level of service. It is not a project run by volunteers. So guys raise up and stop being exploited like cattle, you have your rights.
  2. I think PK scrolls should be in the shop. PK was always part of this game. And at this moment the game is sadly very PvE. I want to see more PvP and PK. And being dead by PK losing -4% is nothing, as lots of EXP is given by the scrolls. P.S. Note that there is also a free buff that protects you from high-level harassment.
  3. Guys, don't worry. Issues will be fixed when they wont make money on Black Friday (and they expect huge income from that, as all business does for that day/week). People wont be buying runes/etc. since they cannot progress without adena.
  4. Step 1: Find aoe party in Abandoned Camp/Orc Barracs to get 28 (Recharge). Step 2: Find a mage for duo and level up with him to 75.
  5. Looting a dropped item is only a part of the story. The other side is the victim will definitely plead you to give it back, and this is where humiliation aspect comes. We probably don't want this in the game.
  6. How come you dare to say it is free to play, if this is 50 euro a month, almost thrice the amount you normally charge for the subscription?
  7. Free teleports are absolutely necessary for now. Without them, people will be locked to daily quest areas, but those quests are devli's net, they yield nor SP nor adena, so people will get 50+ really fast and then they are done. Free teleports allow easy access to farm zones with fixed rates (such as Cruma).
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