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  1. hi.every day i have same problem, failed to log in , i cant enter the game normally. after 20-30 tries i can enter only. i send request but not solved until now. please help me. if anyone can do it. after wring my password message comes "Failed to log in(0)" what does this mean and how can solve this?
  2. I want to know why they dont restore anything to me? it is not my fault.
  3. Hi. 7 days ago i used "XP Rune III (Lv. 1-100+) 200% 7 days wrapped pack. After 2 days connectivity issue starts and "The server client will be closed? <5>" message comes when i want enter to game. Yesterday at night i can entered game at last and saw only 5 hours left from that XP RUNE. When i used that packed i want to level up to 105 but for issue impossible to farm any xp. I used my 2nd xp pack today. Bu i need 5 days xp buff restoration. Also i used "SP Rune III (Lv. 1-100+) 200% 7 days wrapped pack" for event. and only 1 days left from that pack. Please give me 5 da
  4. which VPN you use now? and please Share URL for us to download same VPN
  5. i cant enter around 3 days. any solution for server be closed problem?
  6. 2 days left and still this message comes " The client will be closed. Continue?<5> Any solve method for this issue? i had 7 days 200% xp buff and 2 days left without any xp. superb game
  7. XxxErMaCxxX


    Hi. Anyone has also nProtect Game Monitor Rev 2390 issue?/ please help me for this. i cant enter game around 1 week.
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