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  1. Yesterday me and 2 other friends started playing and we all like to play either archer or wizards in MMO. We saw that archer is a good starter class for farm etc and we decided to create 3 archers and 1 box with a ISS for Chant of Bison. We got to level 98 and we'r having big mana issues in Bloody Swampland. Mana goes to 0 in a few minutes after leveling up and then we need to basically get a full level just with few spells and normal hits, how can the mana issue be fixed? Does it get better at higher level? I don't know where but i remind reading something about mana / life regeneration based on the hit you deal to mobs, is that true? Just need some help on that topic, mana issue as an Yul Ghost Sentinel! Thanks
  2. The attendance check board was an event and it was removed? or the envent ended or something like that ? Until yesterday when i logged in one character I could get the attendance check board by pressing X and now I don't have the option anymore and the board don't appear automatically for me..
  3. The update is on a fixed schedule? If so, please some1 let me know the time servers go down and how long it takes for the server get back up please. I just don't want to miss the character creation for a period of time tomorrow after the update, i just don't know what time the update starts
  4. the 7 days boosts are over for you because you played for 7 days already.. do you think reaching lvl 107 in this game is bad? dude.. have you never played L2 before? If it was back like 3 years ago, in those 7 days you'd probably be lvl 60. Lmao. Enjoy the real grind now bro ^^
  5. Thanks @Juji for the update on the official post saying that you guys might open up the character creation for just a period of time, it's all we need because we ( real players that just want to play the game ) will always be in sync with forums and news so a small period of time is enought for the majority of players that are legit and just want to play the game to create their toons and start playing. I really appreciate that and I'll be looking the forums every 10 minutes to make sure i'm not missing anything! Thanks one more time
  6. Character creation

    maybe find another game.. thats what me and my friends will end up doing because we've been waiting for almost 1 week and they just delayed the creation for 1 more week. Previously the date on the official post by Juji was 05/06 and today they changed it to 05/13 ( 1 more week ) for no reason.. I mean, they didn't told us any reason, just changed it. It's kinda lame if you ask me, how can a game prevent new players to start playing. Jesus christ. I have 5 friends that want to play for the first time, I hypped them all up and we watched videos etc, after they all downloaded we are now stucked at this terrible schedule to START playing the game. They are already looking for other MMORPG and probably won't be playing L2 anymore even tho they all liked the videos and explanations i gave them. But ye.. It is what it is at the end of the day. Too bad L2 is at this state nowadays.
  7. not a typo and not the correct approach by the company but anyway, we might not see each other next week. thanks tho
  8. No, you'r wrong. From 04/29 to 05/13 it's 2 weeks, meaning it's missing one Wednesday. Yesterday the official post by Juji said 05/06 and today it sais 05/13, so it was delayed for sure. Just want to understand why.
  9. well.. i've been waiting to create my character with my friends and start playing for a few days now, checking the forums and the game every day to create our characters and out of nowhere we enter the forum today and the character creation was delayed for 1 week? from 05/06 to 05/13 ?????????????????????? i mean.. how can a game prevent people from even START PLAYING ??????? i don't understand that.. kinda makes me wanna find another game to play with my friends because this feels like players are not "welcomed" to the game anyway so why would i spend any time here? now we'll have to wait for 1 more week just to start playing then? thats kinda bad, i'm 100% sure that preventing players to create characters isn't the best option to fix any of the issues you guys are having. I've NEVER seen any company aproach a fix or a solution to any issue like that. Between my 5 friends i'm the most comprehensive and i'm almost giving up, as soon as i tell my friends "hey, we can only create the characters on the 13th now.." hahahaha I already know their answers.. I wasn't expecting that. You guys are letting people down in so many ways.
  10. client closes on character creation

    this is obviously the biggest problem on the server so far and yet they didn't said a word about it!? @Juji, @Hime, hello?? can you guys at least tell us that the team is working on a fix or something? the fishing system is causing this problem, if you have a system to never disconnect a person who is AFK, then how the queue system is supposed to work? if you have ppl playing on 3 accounts with vip on all of them, and they decide to log out of the game but then they say "hmm, i'm going to leave all 3 boxes fishing for exp since it's an automated system and i dont have to do ANYTHING just click a button and i'll never get disconnected" how is that fair with ppl that are trying to get in the game? just tell me. does that make sense? put the fishing system MANUAL, you gotta be there to click, you gotta be there to throw the rod. simple as that. you guys are letting ppl keep a slot in the server 24/7 if they pay for VIP, and on the live stream you guys kept saying the whole time "IT'S A FREE TO PLAY GAME" BUUULLLLLLLLLLLLSHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! IF YOU PAY YOU WIN, IF YOU PAY YOU PLAY. THAT SIMPLE.. i miss the bleeping days that games were made FOR THE PLAYERS and not for the companys bank account. sad but true.
  11. client closes on character creation

    the one thing that scares me the most is that they have a problem listed on the known issues that it's NOT the problem we'r having.. they are only saying that after finishing the queue you only have 5 seconds to put your PIN and log in. I DON'T EVEN GET TO SEE MY CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after reaching around 10 in the queue the game client closes. this is just ridiculous.. how come @Juji or @Hime haven't said a word about that so far??? i don't believe they just gonna ignore this and move on like if everything is allllllllll gooooooood because it's NOT.. you can't have ppl paying VIP on 3 different accounts and leaving the game open 24/7 fishing while others can't even log in to play in their main character.. i'm not getting disconnected trying to log on my buffers, i'm trying to log on my main account and play my char. that's absurd.. remove that auto fishing stuff and i'm sure the problem will be solved. you created a mechanism where vips can never log out of the game, and how does a queue system works? after some1 leaves the game one person in the queue gets in. if you guys put a system where you can just never get disconnected from the game for being AFK, HOW THE QUEUE IS SUPPOSED TO WORK ?????