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  1. @Juji This is what I think it should be, vs. what support has claimed:
  2. @Juji I am hoping this is a bug, contrary to the answer received from my ticket. Screenshot below for ticket #23547639 Thanks for your help, Juji! There are a few posts about this in the bug forum, was the Feoh Super rune crit effect reduced from 10% to 1% for Feoh Super 8?
  3. NCSoft isn’t responding to my submitted ticket, anyone confirm this is a type-o, and is actually 10%?
  4. I see the same thing. Submitted a ticket to ncsoft. Did you find an answer?
  5. I see the same thing. Was about to apply a Feoh super rune 8, but the magic focus says 1%. It may be a mistake, so I submitted the question to NCSoft.
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