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  1. Gic and Conan did pretty good there as well... But yes I see... Solution = Reroll to archer !!! Was def good while it lasted... lol.
  2. Sorry You've been playing for 1 year.... Lots of us nerds have been playing for 16 years competitively .... If you put in the time and Money into this game as we have, it's nice to get something back.. We pay for Prestige Packs and Runes Monthly.. On top of Dropping $$ on events..... SO YEA... Nice to get something in return we don't have to pay for.....
  3. Still waiting (as the rest of the server) to hear if theres going to be a fix for the Adena on IOS.... @Hime @Juji C'mon fellas... Lets hear something official... Or if I missed a response to this on another thread I apologize, but lets hear it... We finally find a way to get ahead, and you yank the carpet... At least meet us half way if you're not going to return it to how it was.... Cheers, Skimbo
  4. @Hime. @Juji Adena is really NERFED in Stronghold and it's NOT worth buying recharge stones and Prestige anymore.... Someone on your Dev team really has their head up his ass to make changes like this... People farm to get ahead and help others, you guys are really bleeping this up... We know you're trying to kill this game with the shit you're feeding us, but you're really speeding this up....
  5. I concur with my esteemed colleagues here.... I’ve been paying for boost (Destiny and Prestige) and getting nothing but lag and lack of server support.... Recharge stones out of L2 store... I rely on these PAID instance zones to XP and make some adena AGAIN to spend in your game... I also believe some compensation is needed here....
  6. This is stupid and has gotten out of hand..... Was fun for a while, but ppl abusing the crap outta this.... There should be some order to this, people PK'ing everything that moves... For XP spots.. For no good reason at all.... Now it has become "well you PK'd me, so, im gonna PK all your clannies/friends/dogs/cats"..... Just Dumb... Complete Harassment from some people that have nothing better to do... OFC this is a PvP game, but there has to be some Law... Bring back the 3+ PK and u break/drop something.....
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

    ++ To all of this ...... ><