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  1. Im gonna give 24h maybe more so they can answer my e-mail, I dont think they need a lot more to just give an answer. If not, i'll refund my money.
  2. You had your account locked too? I had mine yeasterday (when I got it locked I wasnt even online, because I was on shop and got DC saturday), I already send e-mail and waiting for reply
  3. Im trying to login for hours already and the worst part that my VIP account got locked (i have no idea how and you dont need to acuse me of bot because I was in gludin selling items the whole weekend). People are saying it's because of NC coins purchase/retrieval, when you login on the website you might be flagged or something...
  4. People saying classic is supposed to be hard are the ones that never played classic before. Yes it is hard, but item drop/spoil and adena rates are far bigger than here, adena is supposed to be like 4x what it is now. You can check any database or even old plakis videos from the first korean server which was 1.0 (here is 1.5) and check the amount of adena that was dropped. Besides all that, there are mobs that the exp ammount is also bugged too. So to people saying its ok, or you bring me proofs that its ok, or shut your mouth by what you "think" its ok.
  5. I know that there are plenty of posts complaining about rates, but none of them show a simple check test. Then I'll post a simple test I made to make a small comparison: You get 1a (yes ONE adena) drop sometimes from Longtail Keltir while on the DB the minimun adena drop is 4a (only 4 times less). Here's a screenshot: Thats a simple test anyone can make to prove that adena rates are lower (as spoil too). Here are some links of DB from keltir: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Longtail_Keltir https://l2central.info/classic/Длиннохвостый_Шакал Any officia
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