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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 11, 2020

    Seriously... fix servers... Legitimate compensation for lost runes/consumables... Open/Fix Server Transfers and Latency issues server. Insanely long overdue
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    Insane lag, server is even worse now. ”exp boosts” are pointless without Vit Packs. Please, add a legitimately affordable Big Vitality Pack @Juji @Hime No one is going to waste ncoin on vit items, especially at their current prices, let alone buying them with a barely functioning server. add big vit packs for 500-1k ncoin maybe? So at least people can make partial use of the server settings and level up half as fast as normal lol... We shouldn’t even have to ask for this. If y’all were even partially present and aware you’d already be on top of an obvious request considering the past events and the current situations. So ridiculous, truly. Can’t believe people even have to speak up so much, over so many months, for such little return with increasingly more and more insane p2w events. ridiculous. Good luck on fixing the servers, re-enabling server transfers, and actually showing real thoughtful care for your player base that keeps the game running.
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    I’m assuming you’ll give us 2-4x cheaper priced Big Vitality packs to make the lagged server boosts even worth while @Hime @Juji? Exp and vit don’t do much without the dumb Vit maintenance/eruption pot rackets.
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

    Your support and attempts at running a functioning healthy game over the last year and counting has been so horrific. The Latency, the insane bugs, the fail on messing up server transfers and still not having an eta or hope for the service to go back up, the continuous incompetence and silence from GM’s and support not being transparent and caring about the community that’s supporting the game. Seems the support team doesn’t know the game at all and they reply with the depth of auto response bot that’s slightly buffered. It’s ridiculous and I really hope the L2 community can come together and legitimately be heard, respected and compensated for all we’ve contributed and spoken up about over the years... you’ve heard it enough from your veterans and casuals. What would happen if we as a community decided to simply stop supporting you until you support us legitimately? Instead you continue draining the servers with all the insane p2w events, compensation never really happens, it’s just compounded by more bugs, latency, fail events and silence. You’ve just continued to do nothing in return to the supporting community... just bare minimum to make people keep spending. You don’t actually care... which further makes it impossible for a community to enjoy the game. Yes... people should have their destiny/prestige packs and whatever other runes and temporary consumables compensated. But really, some fundamental laundry list of nonsenses has to be addressed. Functioning Servers, Compensation for the months of idiotic instabilities, Opening Transfers, Transparency to your player base to keep this game alive and care towards your player base.
  5. Server Transfer

    Seriously looking for an update on this too... @Juji and @Hime I truly hope so, it's been much too long... waaaaaaay too long.
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Thursday, September 19, 2019

    What a big fiasco the last months have been... and what about server transfers? Still nothing? @Juji
  7. SERVER TRANSFERS! PLS official info!

  8. SERVER TRANSFERS! PLS official info!

    Seriously........................................................ Please listen to the players and re-open transfers
  9. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

    When are Server Transfers opening? Please
  10. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

    When are Server Transfers re-opening? It's been pending much too long @Cyan
  11. Server Transfers and Red Libra together
  12. July/August/Summer preview

    Server Transfers and Red Libra together maybe? Let's do it please, revitalize some things!
  13. Server Transfer

    No it's not, it hurts the game not having the option to be flexible... and its not just about people moving servers. It also keeps the markets alive and allows options for people to revitalize activity, clans and their economy. @Juji @Hime
  14. Server Transfer

    Reopen transfers already, please! It's been too long... its ridiculous actually.