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  1. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    he just mad and jealous because some ppl already lv 76 or close that and he still low lvl.
  2. if u don't know how it should be work, just dont hint, if you dont even is near 74-75 yet, you NEVER will get tablets, because u'r a fu kng casual player with vip 0
  3. theres already 3rd class released, so tablets SHOULD drop, if you can't farm it, its your problem, server need to work as it should be
  4. they don't even know how to work it, they just say that drop, in all servers theres not even 1 magic tablet dropped yet, ofc its something wrong about drop rate, if most hardcores pt can't drop even 1 , HOW other casuals gonna get 31 just for 1 of all those 3rd job skills. @Hime @Juji
  5. Magical tablets

    yes, if tablets drop in this server, its like impossible to get, if even most tryhards and powerful pts on servers cant farm it, noone other casual pt will get
  6. your print isnt on ncwest servers, u got a pumpkin on ur bag, that event was something like 4 months ago, when server was not even close lv 70.
  7. if my group that is one of most tryhard on server didnt dropped any even staying for many days there, others casuals party never will get 3rd skills. ofc theres something wrong with tablet drops.
  8. About ping reducing

    i have the same problem with battleping, some how to fix ?
  9. seems the servers will die much early than i think, this way is IMPOSSIBLE sustain yourself with this rates, i hope you guys do something fast, before its too late.