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  1. doubt about polearms

  2. camera bug ?

    Never happened to me, but in that case try using wsad keys to move yourself a bit to get the cursor back?
  3. Favorite Class and Why?

    Warlord: Massive aoe pull, perma stuns, fastest grind, dont need +++++++ weapons but decent gear is required. Also, SE or EE is required. Warlord+spoiler+recharger= crazy farm.
  4. Best is to write to support with ping plotter result or tracert
  5. Drop/Spoil information has change?

    Welcome back mate. As mentioned earlier, L2 classic wiki shall be your bible if you play scavenger. However, I must give you a tip, do not get frustrated or discouraged by hardcore gameplay in terms of rates. Moreover, the various posts in forum crying about the same is furthermore discouraging , so dont pay heed to them and rather enjoy this beautiful game. Welcome once again.
  6. How to Multibox ..

    Its not hate about it, but distrust for NC's unpredictable bans which they themselves dont justify sometimes.
  7. How to Multibox ..

    You might have missed one point..."The client allows up to 3 instances (different accounts) on a single computer and our policy is that each keystroke or mouse click should equal one action in-game"
  8. Constant Disconnect when AFK

    Same happens to me
  9. Spoil chances incorrect

    Spoil chance mentioned in wiki are on white/green mobs
  10. Best Spot Solo Grinding

    Partisans hideaway
  11. BD or SWS for summoner?

    BD for offensive buffs, SWS for defensive, both are good. If I was you I'd pick BD coz SWS is more useful for full parties and poles. With BD you can get increase in patk, atk speed, crit damage, m atk, cast speed. Whereas with sws you get increased hp, mdef, pdef, crit rate, movement speed among some others.
  12. Clan leader change?

    Yes the present clan leader can pass leadership of clan to any clan member by talking to clan creation NPCs. https://l2wiki.com/Clans#Clan_Leadership_Transfer
  13. Tip for tank class

    If you are new to L2 read about your class skills in l2 wiki. Then, read about other popular classes skills on L2 wiki so you know what class does what in party. Then read some forums guides about your class, leveling tips and gearing/farming guides. Good luck.
  14. Sup chars at same acc

    If on same account you cant lvl them together. So grinding support individually till higher lvls could be a pain in a@@