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  1. My item quest Lost yesterday

    Check if the quest still showing in your quest list. Else take it again, or check its status.
  2. Bro, you did a good job. However I should suggest you not to get emotional. Considering your level and the unfortunate incident with your friend, both of you start afresh. We all want a healthy game environment but one person's effort wont be enough. Bots were here since ages, and if NC doesnt do anything we as players cant do much. Dont ruin your mood for a bad decision or bots, enjoy the game with your friend again. Another thing, posting bot names in forums through text or vid might get you into "naming and shaming" which isnt allowed in forums. Dont wanna get you a 1 day ban bro.
  3. Almost 100 days since launch..

    Patches comes in about 6 months I guess. The average levels of servers are still not high enough.
  4. [Talking Island] First Big Open Pvp

    He is doing the Matrix
  5. Best mage class to farm adena lvl 20-40

    Make 3 accounts. Spoiler, SE, Crafter. Lvl crafter to 36 for lvl 4 craft. Then spoil mats with high spoil rate, eg. Iron ore, varnish, Durable braid, animal bones etc. Keep crafter in giran to sell stuff. Also, make 3 spoilers in same account at different lvls, lvl 21, 30, 35 for various mobs. I wont give out spoil locations for specific mats/mobs but l2 wiki is your friend. Thats better way to make money than purely hunting with a mage.
  6. Awesomium

    Hello,Please be advised that the awesomium is part of the game client and it is important for the game to run normally.I hope this helps clarify your inquiry. If you have other questions or concerns, please let us know.Regards, Holooc NCSOFT Support Team
  7. Awesomium

    So was it downloaded and installed by itself through Lineage 2 update or maybe windows update? Just wanna make sure the software is safe or else I would uninstall it. I have submitted a ticket to support team as well with details and awaiting their reply. I see so many players claiming to be banned for no reasons in forums, want to make sure theres nothing controversial in my system.
  8. Fishing

    Well the value of fish fluctuates with market. Everybody needs fish but the profit isnt too much initially. However, if you use the blue mackerels to buy your fishing ss and keep the fresh mackerels only and sell fisherman gratitude exp buff, its quite decent.
  9. Awesomium

    Guys, today I noticed a process called awesomium along with L2.exe in task manager. I havent downloaded it, not sure how it came in my pc. Is it safe to keep it or should I uninstall? https://imgur.com/a/GFbRVxA
  10. Leveling to 20

    Yes the Undines are hard, as thy got strong pdef and also hits hard lol. Lvling the first character is hard but once you get a buffer box with you, it gets easier. And yes, the goblin hp is kinda bugged lol. But Id still suggest not to skip the quests, as they help ou with exp and ss which are helpful a lot. Just lvl a prophet along with your DDs and you should be fine. If youre making a HE and Tyrant it might be difficult to get gears for both coz their weapons and armors arent the same type unless you wanna play with light armor on tyrant. Also archers are costly coz of cost of both arrows and ss. Plan a bit ahead for long term before you invest time. Make an artisan to craft your own ss, it comes handy.
  11. customize the system file

    Ask support before you edit ANYTHING in client.
  12. finders keepers instead of random

    Post it in bug with a video maybe.
  13. Quest scavenger first class bug

    Its not 100%, they spawn on 25 average bear kills. And no you dont need to spoil them to make it spawn.
  14. Noobie questions about boxing and playing solo

    1, It is not illegal to box, max box allowed is 3 clients per computer, whether you use it for farm, lvl or pvp. It is illegal to use any third party software though for botting or automated gameplay. 2. Depends on the class, most classes would perform better with atleast one buffer box as a buffer wont need much gear investment should be fine to lvl up together with main. 3. Best box for DA would be a prophet but thats just my opinion. 4. You can solo a DA decently with the help of your pet damage, do not use soul shots on your pet though as its costly and use it only during pvp. DA or any tank is often required for parties so it wont be hard for you to find a group at any level. Classic is a hardcore experience both in terms of exp and economy, so its ok if you go slow rather rushing down the exp line. Anther tip, try to make an artisan sometime and lvl it when you feel like, so you can craft your own soul shots and later maybe other stuff too, its handy. Enjoy your experience in L2, dont try to best best in the competition.