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  1. i see soooooooo many players farming spiders for the DE quest ....
  2. So my idea is simple maybe too simple but i think it could work for all of us First what players want? reasonable adena and item drop rate for F2P 2nd what NCSOFT want? !!!MONEY!!! Solution: - Fix drop rates - adena, items and spoil - Fill L2shop with more cosmetics: players love to look diferent - Make all items in L2shop tradeble. less money for farmbots more money for NCSOFT ... why buy adena from someone if you can sell staff to other players (need functional economy for this so again drop and adena fix) - Subscription option - some free NCoins each month and bonus like VIP 3 - Let the VIP system for no subs in play so even more money from casual players Sub and shop ideas are based on sub plans from swtor.com and its shop So what do YOU think about this idea ?
  3. How to make players and NCSOFT happy

    NCsoft is here to make money now they make money on VIPs - they have shots, better drop rates, better exp cool but for them NCsoft will never pump up drops if there are players paying for VIP 4 unless they have other system to get money from more players and to be honest I hate those bots spmams in chat ... and again its better to give money to NCsoft for adena than to a bot (btw les bots more room on servers) and yes pure P2P is best concept ... but for me and I thing some other players it would be end of playing ... I could sub 1 char but never buffpert and as solo player endgame
  4. How to make players and NCSOFT happy

    Adena in shop can be more solution than problem. More adena - more D and C grade items on players (buy from shops so no need for crafting). When they upgrade they sell old items - more items for others. If you need B - Grade and some C - Grade you need to craft. To craft you need to buy Mats Mats cost go up, cool for spoilers bad for others, but all can drop some mats so all will have more Adena to buy items. Adena without items to buy is pointless so there must be better drop rate supply and demand still works - nobody will buy overpriced item because it cost real money.
  5. How to make players and NCSOFT happy

    so farm bots are better than ncsoft ? I dont care to whom player give money for adena. Im just saying that NCsoft give some of the money back to game - maintenance servers ... And maybe it will make them create more F2P players friendly enviroment and there always be players paying for adena if not there would be no farm bots
  6. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    I love the slow exp but we need more adena not much but more so we can use shots at least at even cost for mob not at loss...