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  1. +1 trade is almost non existing at Gludio and TI and Giran is still too full to start again ...
  2. @Hime can we have some news about fixing those multiple spoils?
  3. ROFL DeathWhisper SB sell offer 11kk 40.lvl spell book somethink is realy WROOOOOONG here we NEED FIX HERE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so how i can get it ... Use bot to farm adena (imposible to farm SB too many ppl and too few mobs) or buy Adena for more than 70$ cool....
  4. So im hiting 40 soon and so i start going for SB for my buffpet and getting money for C gear ( I have top D thx to money event and vip4 and few low lvl money making chars) geting C weapon is still no problem when sell my D items but with drop rate of spell books and and how many players are traing to drop them on those few mobs .... So pls can we have more mobs in Ivory Tower Crater and See of Spores or better drop of those books? Better adena scaling or atleast as good adena as in Crumatower all around mobs 40-50 lvl? Make Spoil functional so i dont have to create 3 new
  5. ok i love this game but it have large problem ... ADENA and SPOIL so far i find 3 places where is good adena drop .... Orc Barracks, Partisan's Hideway and Forgotten temple other places have 1/3 at best adena per kill.... and the best bonus is higher level mobs gives lot less amount of adena than mobs in those 3 places ... SO CAN U STOP TALKING to developers and maybe JUST MAKE THEM TO FIX THIS GAME ? .... wiht weekends event the adena drop is not that terible around the world, but now i exp too fast for that little adena i drop And for spoil? I huntet mobs that sch
  6. so nothink new ... exp rate is good, adena is good to lvl 35 than nope ... can we have reasonable adena scale? Like more adena from high lvl mobs ?
  7. My observations of the weekend bonus with VIP4 warrior 33-35lvl with elven long sword: with 50% XP/SP it is bit faster than it should be. 33 lvl in Orc Barracks - 6h, 1 puma skin shirt and gaiters, 1 wizards stockings, 700 - 900 adena per mob and dss per mob is cca 90a 34 lvl in Forgotten Temple - 5h, 4 ead, 1 aspis, 750-1000 adena per mob and dss cca 110a + Roxide 4500-6000 adena 35 lvl in Execution grounds - 4h, 0 items, 250-550 adena, dss cca 70a per mob on 35lvl i tried more places like Plains of Lizardmen, Death pass, Breka's Stronghold - all of them drop adena / dss rat
  8. problem is that there is no free way to get them ...
  9. just WTF ... well end is neer .... now i have 7 pk ... last pk gave me 12k karma and now i need to BUY scrols ? .... where the bleep is the Q for it .......!!!!
  10. So ... few hours back i bought VIP 4 but its clearly last time ncsoft gets my money ...... i start buying adena from bots ... they wont fix adena rates if they wanted to do it, it would be done by now
  11. I have to ask here and please dont hate me I played for 35 lvls on Giran server and now im on Gludio because ques and have VIP 2. I have Q. about drop rates Giran - 1 day in game atleas 1 full drop (not good drop but alteast bronze shield or similar) Gludio - 5 charakters all levels 20-25 and i droped 1 EAD and 1 devo stockings Am I unlucky or drop rates are worst ?
  12. kill bots its dream .. to much work for them to do it so why bother to say it again and again
  13. Gludio is almost empty under 2K online GIve us possibility to tranfer characters there from GIRAN and TI. ==> Les players there ==> smaler queue all win Players with chars 30+ lvl wont go to start again !!! and time zones who cares ? sure as EU player i would be happy to see another GTM+1 server, but without character tranfers its pointless
  14. it wont change anything without transfers players 30+ lvl invest too much time to game to just start again
  15. I geting the feeling .... NCsoft is totaly ignoring us VIP have queues (have VIP so im weiting now too ) ... in game is several adena ad bots to spam pm and full bot hunting parties 35+ adena drop is a joke - 3 hour play got me this: average 10 mobs killed 1 gives adena and 2 droped mats only few good location to get money on low lvl are over crowded on giran Servers: http://l2.laby.fr/status/ Gludio is basically empty, Aden is around half full, SO PLEASE CAN WE HAVE: In game ACTIVE GM to kill adena ad bots and bots hunting parties Forum t
  16. kill bots its hard but adena shouts and pm characters should be easy with aktiv in game GM or maybe some site to post screens of them so you can ban them
  17. C'mon can we have FREE TRANSFER just to Gludio server ? i wona go there but i invest too much time to game to start again please!!!! btw have vip so no problem with this
  18. Lets say tat bots sell 10k for 3$ so NCsoft sell for 2.85$ why buy from bot? only difrence betweam those scenarios is sorce of adena so i dont see the destruction of game. But it's true is hard to get the price lower than bots to kill them but its chance to appeal to same of the buyers to support server
  19. Please dont hate me but i think the fastest way to kill of bots is to sell adena for NCoin - if there are players willing to buy adena there will be bots to suply that adena ... if buyers have other sorce of adena then bots why bother to buy from them .... and there is bonus - more money for ncsoft and server quality so less bots more aktive players ....
  20. Give all acconts 2 free character transfers for 1 week so we can move to new server please im from EU but i go from giran to gludio at once
  21. too many players for 3 servers? so maybe create 4th server and give us some free character transfers - atleast 2 per account ... ill go there immediately
  22. i ment what problems other that this one was fixed ? and isnt there some kind of timer ? could anyone just set the timer from X to X + 2 mins ?
  23. ok mybe next time soon so what was fixed?
  24. maybe just give us option to type in the pincode on keyboard much faster or disable it for now till fix 3th time i just miss it because i have a longer pin and cant find the correct numbers fast
  25. cool fix .... or wait why am i still after queue kicket out because of inactivity ? seriously did they fix any of the problems ?
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