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  1. Either p2p or "f2p" NA servers will still be full of bots and the Ncsoft wont stop making money. Their business is going good at least for now. So now tell me, why they should care?
  2. Forcing what? me? No dude, I'm not the one who is forcing you guys cry like a baby because you dont guys wana socialize in the game, instead of that you make your own full party so you dont need anyone legit way or not, that's your problem we don't care for another bot. The game itself is forcing you to play in a clan or party o with friends but no solo just becuase is not a single player game, Massively multiplayer online role-playing game smartie. Now go cry a river again.
  3. I bet is going to be a gambling event with buyable tickets from L2store
  4. For a minute I felt like OKAY, at least a non complaning post...but then I figured out Christmas is comming and by sure there will be a lot of sales in the L2 Stores, packs added and Christmas events with OP itms and all those things and then my friend, another hord of criers will join the forum.
  5. You should stop beeing that harcore for yourself and stop ussing multiple accounts. Maybe joining a clan and making friends ingame would make you enjoy more the game.
  6. Ofc not dude....It has been always like that..The cap aplies for the stat you can get from a dye..max +5. You will have 5+4 and so on..
  7. I remember when they realesed the teaser video for l2 classic years back thn. That video where you saw a small party farming DV without shots and everyone went so nostalgic and so positive about it . "Wow man..remember when we grind ussing no shots? I wish those times come back !"" . That's what everyone said...now you got it and cry rivers, seas and oceans.
  8. I have to admit spellbooks farming is a pain in the ass !! A LOT !! But im not thinking quiting because of that. I still got a hope dropping something from the daily dungeon.
  9. Its very squishy, its very MP and gear dependant. If you go melee you have to rest, use healing potions or heal yourself each mob. Some dagger ussers try to grind with a bow and they got a dagger weapon only for pvp. But its slow and time consuming. In pvp they are awesome.
  10. Simple, does not work. Its insufficient due the high amount of bots.
  11. Aren't so popular because is pretty difficult to lvl em' up. In addition there are by sure daggers who play in cps or strong clans who are getting lvled up by mages cp but you just don`t see them becasue are grinding in high lvl top spots.
  12. Well...to be honest it's easy to go pk if you don't mind lossing some exp. Yesterday afternoon I went 17k karma and delvled 60%.....and I didn`t mind becuase that made me be in lvl range for some easy adena farm.
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