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  1. I guess no fixes to any of the known issues until January?
  2. new event

    Every time I visit 4gameforum I feel so bad about our forum and server in general. It's a pity that they have no plans for a new server. Whatever. Let's wait for NCW's announcement.
  3. Maximum level was not 70?

  4. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    There are 32k views in this exact thread and you haven't commented even once after OP. How is that even possible?? I cannot think any sort of company that would care less for their customers! Will you please say at least something to your player base instead of deleting comments??? Let me remind you 1) Adena scaling 2) Drop and spoil Rate 3) Bot problem 4) Wrong (?) patch notes (non existent 70 lvl cap is the newest "bug" discovered) 5) Dyes 6) Flag loss on restart 7) Geodata problems There are more but let's stay at these for the time (sorry for my bad english)
  5. Maximum level was not 70?

    I cannot believe that they are so freaking amateurs....!!!! Hahahahahah! Does 71 gave skills too??? There are some skills learnt at the chat log.
  6. Authenticating by IP

    I agree with having the option to disable the password verification through mail. The default setting should be ON and you can give the option to anyone who wants it disabled, to do it at their own risk. No support to those who have it disabled, if their account gets "stolen".
  7. How have you done it. I have not managed to run launcher in wine. I am curious to watch it in action. Please provide us a mini video.
  8. NCsoft will keep the money, even if they get banned.
  9. I don't think so. For 5 dollars you can get 100k from adena sellers at best. 400 NCoins (also 5 dollars/euro whatever -> NCsoft) could be translated to 1m or more adena in game depending on the seller.
  10. It is indeed happening in illegal servers and helps a lot with botters and adena sellers. +1 by me for tradeable NCoins (or whatever) with adena
  11. About Bots - Bot Reporting button

    We can use other bots, to spam with threads about bots in forum until we get an answer!!! That would be awesome, too!
  12. Increase your FPS in Lineage.

    According to resource monitor. i am not getting more than 40% gpu or cpu usage, when I experience the 9-15 fps towns. (or Giran Harbor)
  13. Increase your FPS in Lineage.

    Exactly! I get 15 fps max in towns and i mostly have 80 frames or more, out of them, even though I tried all possible graphic settings. I sense that this would be the exact case in sieges, too. There are a lot smooth videos on YouTube though and I wonder how is that possible since the above hardware specs are more than enough for l2, but they experience the same lag with my gear which is not so good. For example (not the best but there's a fps counter on the top right edge) https://youtu.be/ZTT7rwy97_g?t=356 My specs for the record: i5 2500k // 8gb ram // r9 280x triple x // ssd 850 evo
  14. L2Classic on Linux

    I tried it, but it is not working. You need the launcher to start the client and for some reason I cannot install it, with wine. If you find any solution I would be grateful!! Running directly l2.bin through wine leads to a critical error.
  15. Spoil rates test

    Where can we find the official droplist of this version? @Krissa