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  1. Bracelet of Duty - Lv. 2 looks like an Earth Dragon Pendant Talisman of Insolence VI - has the same icon as Baium Ring Ring of Savior - became a scroll Refined Zaken Ring - has the TOI icon Refined Queen Ant's Ring - has Orfen Earring's icon so on and so forth.. There is plenty to list. The patches are getting more reckless.
  2. When they implement a QoL change that nobody asked for like the Teleport system and is not only gamebreaking to an extent, but also makes the game feel so cheap like a pserver. What else is there? No limit multiboxing, removal of most quests, instant 2nd class change, hunt 700 mobs for 3rd class change, autoloop Nice classic.
  3. EE's PR is useless because if you want to move from one map to another - you don't have to chain Aden -> Giran - > Dion -> Gludio port. The prices are fixed. No point going to town when you can directly port to the other end of the map with the TP prices fixed.
  4. Yeah that's a good compromise idea. Just put a cast time as long as Scroll of Escape to not devalue EE's Party Return. > and disable it in combat.
  5. Yeah just return the old teleport; or just make it function in main towns.
  6. Is this intended? It's stupid and the game feels like a illegal server. Makes it easy for someone to run away with just a few clicks while in combat.
  7. Wild guess would be either: #1: They remove blessed soulshots recipe and craft register gets deleted but you keep the existing soulshots #2: Same as #2 except the existing soulshots becomes obsolete and they'll reimburse you for the materials #3: Recipe is no longer dropped but you keep the recipe and the craft or the recipe doesn't drop or gets deleted but you keep the craft. #4: Absolutely nothing. Whatever happens, it's in everyone's interest to stock them up now . You don't lose anything by doing this.
  8. +8 to +9 yeah +9 to +10 you need Shiny Balls and regular polish
  9. People can't even farm actual Baium yet so don't even worry about this for a very long time
  10. These pendants are untradeable and I thought it would only make sense to be able to share it within the account. However, as I have tried to transfer them through the Dimensional Merchant have I found out they are not. Are they going to be updated sometime for us to be able to transfer them through the Dimensional Merchant for an alt character to use? It does seem counter-intuitive to have a more expensive pendant only be bound on a single character; and needing a lower one instead if needed to be used on multiple characters of the same account. Can you give me any informat
  11. @ifwsolate Exactly what I was hinting. Dragon Pendant Level 2.+10 only gives 498 crit damage. ASSUMING it crits. You exaggerate. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dBzW4GX70yVsLpnU8ksZCfqEjurigGymmgVf1f0f-zc/edit#gid=0 Level 3 +6 Fire pendant gives 35 p.atk and 250 p. crit damage Where are you getting 700? only 250 p.crit damage goes through and the only damage increase that ignores your defense. I get the idea but the fact that you exaggerate too much so that it fits your narrative appalling. Without the pendant, that dagger will delete you instantly.
  12. Probably don't ask a dagger with +12 c weapon to backstab your robe face in the first place before blaming the pendant. You're saying 35 p.atk increase did 700 damage?
  13. Juji is going to grace us with 30 minutes of his time from his 24/7 bot patrol. He is too kind. We do not deserve this exalting treatment.
  14. I never played l2 other than this classic release. No expectations. The games I was exposed to were grindy KRMMOs. L2 is brutal and fun for me overall. Community wise, since L2 is an old game, people seem to be mostly mature compared to current MMOs. The hypocrisy however leaves me aghast when the topic of P2W gets brought up.
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