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  1. Bots, they don`t care...

    Stop making posts about bots please. NCSOFT is a company and needs money. So just think about it, a bot party with 5 ( or more) bots with VIP4 each one. At this point classic server are 60% bots and 40% real active players. So, if every single bot got VIP4 Ncsoft will not ban him, its logic because their company takes TONES OF MONEY every single month. Thats the real reason they dont even care about bots. We must just stfu and if we dont like just leave the game, sad but true, its your choice.

    Wsp at DarkCurse or FromAbyss.
  3. Bot Reporting

    Hello, I would not like to waste your time so i ll express my one and only thought about (freakin) botting. Why, the hell, you dont restart classic server's for just a ''refreshing''? I mean, you only drop down servers for maintenance every week or 10 days. You could , really easily and takes no time, to drop the classic servers down 2 or 3 times per day, with 2 pre-minute warning, to force the bot to disconnect, since you cant do nothing yet at this moment for bots according to your community, to us.( More free space for queue issue e.t.c. , and you temporary kill bots and help the active community) I dont think that the active players of your classic servers will have any problem to relog after a simple restart. Thanks in advance, someday.
  4. Payment Options

    15 xronwn eisai kai den exeis karta? Ean eisai 15, traba diabase kai ase ta paixnidia. K stamata na diasiris tous ellines.
  5. Hello, i m currently at lvl 23 dark wizzard and i saw that i can easy farm creeps with my summon pet. Please, have in mind that i have a dark elf buffer in my party for leveling up with me because firstly, i wanted to be a spellhowler at my 40,but now, i see that i farm much easier with a pet... So please tell me if anyone know: 1. Does my summoned pet steals xp from me or my buffer? 2. Is a good idea to run a Phantom summoner at 40 while i have a dark elf buffer? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I just bought some NCOINS with my account but i cant see any NCOIN in my account. Any thoughts? Maybe this transaction need some time to enabled / activate or something?
  7. First of all i would like to tell something to NCSOFT, Guys, if you dont know what the F2P ( Free to play ) game is, please dont tell us that your classic server is F2P. Its highly red P2P or P2W. Microtransactions are microtransactions i understand this, you must earn some money for maintenance e.t.c, but this queue issue? Cmon, we should pay you to JUST ENTER to your game, like a P2P game with subscription like WoW or at least like Guildwars II. And the ''clever'' ones here would say '' Wait at queue to enter and play '' or ''Go to Aden'' should stfu because 1.We have a life, we are not like you and we cant wait 10 hours ( Its a fact,yesterday i logged in after 10hrs and 2minutes ) 2, We already started at other servers with friends and we had a lot of progress to leave all these and start a new char at Aden. I came here after a lot of years with a lot of excitement but you just destroy all this ''undertaking'' with your actions.Your ''Support'' system? Oh lord, guys, you dont really have a support system when you answer after 5 or 6 days to a simple e-mail. Its not ''Trully free'', nothing like that, stop playing with our IQ. You should be honest from the very start of this server, and not to be kidding us. It would be more honest if you add a subscription from the first day, and not this chaos that you create. Ciao belles, A ''poor'' player.
  8. Please read this only VIP members

    Can earn VIP1 with the 5eur pack? ( 400 NCoin) Maybe you can gimme some feedback!
  9. Hello, Today i logged into game and i checked the fix about queue disconnect e.t.c Just a question, if i pay the lowest price for being a VIP member of this game can i bypass the queue time as well? Or i should wait again at queue, like a normal player? P.S - PLEASE answer only the VIP members.
  10. p2w is p2w

    I dont really care about drop rates, xp rate, spoil rates e.t.c / If you got the balls you ll xp your character by your own. But a question. I must be a VIP donator to bypass the queue time fairly? I mean, 4 times now , i was on queue for like 15 mins each time and when my time had come to enter the game the message ''The client will be closed'' appeared all the time. Whats up GM'S? You need moar VIP members to your game? You had enough, stop make that kind of bullshit stuff to make more money, lulz.
  11. Hello guys, I came back after a lot of years and i cant remember basic thinks about classes. I really like to play with pets in l2, but i cant remember if this is good at Classic. Which class i should follow at my 2st quest's? Spellhowler or Phantom Summoner for PvP? I know that Phantom Summoner farms much easier that Spellhowler, but my main goal is PvP at late game - So please, if any veterans players are here with us , gimme some advices! Thanks!
  12. I am not against the microtransactions system, ffs no. But NCSOFT l2store and store is freakin expensive for what it gives. I mean, i could easy give they 30 euros pack, but not per month. I could easy give 30 euros for 2 months! Thats logic...
  13. no, i cant either.. Anyone knows whats the time of this downtime?
  14. Good evening friends, I came back after 10 years + to Lineage, because of classic server but i m pretty dissapointed. Its not only the p2w system that angrys me so ( Because cmon,its p2w - Dont be afraid to say it, microtransactions are dope in this server) , but the botting system. Currently now, theres a lot of 10-12 players in parties at Ruins of Despair,and NO theres no ''friends'' or ''normal players'' e.t.c because they dont even answer when u speak to them. The reactions of skills of these players are mathematical same all the time ( Every 12 second heal, every 9 seconds potions e.t.c) So i have 3 questions if Veterans on this game can answer: 1) Botting is legal in classic? 2) Is there a ''legal non botting'' program out there that most of players use? 3) GMs are always offline to classic? Thanks.