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  1. Dear NCWest/NCSoft, Is is really hard to implement an anti-chat flooding mechanism of some sort? People are spamming in shout chat to be heard because there are too many adena sellers spamming regular chat. I'll give you an example: This was taken from a 6 minutes interval in Giran. Regular people chat spamming to combat chat spamming by adena sellers. All could be fixed with a simple anti chat-flooding system. There is already a system in place for global chat (&), why not simply extend it and put some simple chat penalties? I understand that it won't deter really determined spammers, but at least it's something...
  2. We are WAR, a Lineage 2 clan currently playing on the Gludio server. We're a chill clan (real life comes first) that strives to be competitive without making L2 a 2nd job. Our focus is on non-static parties (eg. solo players making parties) and PVP. We're not very big into rules and complicating shit, we try and keep it simple so we have three simple rules: Don't be a bleep. Help your clan mates whenever possible. Be on discord when in game. If you abide by these three rules, you'll be welcome in our clan. If not, perhaps this is not the best place for you. We're currently looking for 35-40+ dedicated members, all classes welcome. Hop in our discord and come chat with us: https://discord.warclan.tk/
  3. Subject says it all. Can play anytime. English speaking preferred.