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  1. We are in dire need of an SP event! Like a week of swapped sp xp wile hunting! Or an item in the store that gives 10x SP or more for 20min or an hour. Just some food for thought!
  2. CAKE RAID on TI Lagged OUT

    Still lagging and was 15 min ago!

    Not even spawning on Talking Island. The description on the "fork" is misleading. Every day 11:00 and 20:00. Does not say server time so I was thinking that it spawned on in game time. Would be more fun if that were true. It is not.
  4. Not sure what they are thinking. The game is very broken! It is nice that you can make a new toon and get to 20 in a short time. Then what? Unless it is a new account and you get the very nice duals from the newbie pack you can't do anything. You have no weapon and 5k adena or less. If you do manage to get to your 40's there are no adena drops. Spell books 40+ are insanely expensive with a crazy low drop rate! The grade system is gone. The non-summoner pets were never in Classic and are missed. The auto next target system make it so everyone KS's all the time. Many more! I truly love this game and hate to see it failing. Players are not going to stay. If that is the plan then NCsoft is dong a great job. Please fix this broken game!
  5. CT & Abyss Adena

    I was in CT and they do not seem to drop adena. I have been doing the daily quest in the Abyss dungeon and not getting adena there? Not sure if this in normal as I just got to the lvl to goto the above places.
  6. Please put the Pet Managers back in the game. Please put the wolf and hatchling back in the game. That is all!