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  1. Transformation Sealbooks

    I'm pretty sure the Boss Transformations, Like Orfen/Lilith/Queen Ant do boost your HP/MP/CP and maybe boosts Stats as well... but only 10 minutes and no skills. I doubt the other Rabbit/Pig/Tow etc. Transformations have any benefit... like the Power of Love event Transformation Candies(which gave a random goofy Transform when used)
  2. Transformation Sealbooks

    AFAIK there is no way to learn the OLD Transformations from Sealbooks and no way to get NEW Scrolls of the OLD Transformations... 30 minute Transformation with skills(You can of course buy OLD Scrolls from other players) The NEW Transform Scrolls that you can buy for Nimble Fish at most Fishing Guild Member(->appearance items->Transformation Scrolls) are purely cosmetic, no skills 10 minute Transformations.
  3. ALT + X does have a link, however, if you take a character to Dimensional server to watch or participate in Siege/Raids/Olympiad etc. you lose the link for all characters on the account(Until you shut down & restart game client) The work-around is to re-log character to have attendance calendar pop-up again(if you shut it before claiming reward).
  4. top-grade accessory spirit stone

    You can Augment Standard, Bound and Blessed Immortal/Twilight/Seraph/Eternal Jewelry(unlike the Paulina's Jewelry these items have no useful effects before Augmenting)
  5. Items Removal

    March 18 removal for Daily Coin(s) and Vitality Potion, Top-grade Spirit stone from Daily Coin shop and the boxes which could give Daily Coins(or something else getting deleted). Clan Coin Rewards Special Supply Box (All Grades) Vitality Maintaining Potion (from Clan Coins) Supply Box (All Grades) Daily Mission Reward Chest Daily Coin (Clan Coin) Top-grade Spirit Stone (Clan Coin Version) The Maphr's scrolls at Franco don't have (Event), maybe Maphr's scrolls from an old Event like Hungry Horse/Alien Invasion had, or Freya's Wind scrolls(Event) from Rok & Lucy’s Fondest Heart, the Winter Event.... but ONLY Maphr's Scrolls are listed for(4/15). Are the high chance Scrolls of Blessing, Kaliel's Energy Box or BSoE/BSoR getting deleted?(Sealed Talisman - Longing should be the same as a normally upgraded one... if anyone ever got one with Daily Coins) These items will be removed from your inventories during the maintenance of April 15: Maphr's Wind Scroll (Event) Is the Growth Rune Box (30-day) the same Growth Rune which was automatically exchanged for Dual Expertise Rune(30-day)?
  6. Support tickets

    click on submit a ticket(on right side, under contact us) choose gameplay drop down on first line. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us or... https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  7. Compensation?

    That is NOT a CASH Refund return policy... it is NCoin refund return policy!(so you can buy something else from L2 store) Please note that we will not refund NCoin back to real-life currency once you have spent the NCoin If you Make a NCoin purchase, for a Flash sale or event wrap-up... and they aren't delivered till after sale/event is over, you can get a CASH refund as long as you don't spend any of the NCoin.
  8. appearance armor

    You can OVER-WRITE an Appearance by putting a different Appearance on the same item... Or the Grocery NPC sells Scroll: Restore Equipment(each Grade) to remove an Appearance and return Item to stock appearance. You might be able to Trade your Item with L2store modified Appearance for an equal item without Appearance + Adena... if Appearance was from S80-grade or lower basic armor it would be worthless(except Vesper Noble/Elegia)
  9. Special Title

    You can copy + paste(Ctrl +C/V) unicode into macros... People use macros for chatting with unicode symbols (!/+/#/@/& etc) as well as using unicode for Titles(/nick )
  10. Paulina R

    It would be nice if NC would bring the Pack back to the store(for Adena or 1NCoin since it's basically the new no-grade)... or at least make the current packs Dimensional to compensate for Ertheia being denied for so long(NC had given a pack when "Awakening" in the Relinquary of Giants/Tomb of Souls... Ertheia never "Awakened" there, even on Dual-class)
  11. Luxury Shop

    Fom Patch notes: Removed the Sealed items from the list of weapons sold by NPC Galladucci. It's not supposed to be Armor(Galladucci used to just sell Weapons... at one time he sold Unidentified low S-grade, which would become normal or bound... Scroll: Seal Weapon S-grade would return to Unidentified) Possibly other regions still had those(translation inaccuracy, or some update changed unidentified->sealed in those regions)???
  12. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    7000 /52 = 134.6 years @ 4kk/week 7000/365=19 years @ 4kk/day NPC buy price is 50% of Base Price(NPCs sell at Base Price + Taxes)... so our Base Price is 20k also.
  13. Tell Us About Your Computer

    Core 2 Duo e8600(3.33Ghz) GeForce GTX 750 TI OC 8GB Patriot DDR3 8500
  14. lvl up 40+ and quest

    If you are on Live(Chronos\Naia) when you get to 40, finished the quest and back at Tarti, you need to do class transfer(a special Icon appears on bottom right screen when you are eligible to advance to next class) Tarti will start the next Quest Chain after you choose your Class.
  15. Red Libra

    My first Awakened Character was Dwarf Aeore Healer... I know what the "Stone of Destiny" does, and I'm bewildered every time some noob asks for it(Legit use would have been Kamael Tank/Healer Main Class Awakened @85... it was an over-ride item to allow Awakening to ANY of the 8 Generic Awakened classes(access to the other 7 classes, not related to it's 1-85 class/skill/equipment etc.)Race Change Ticket can do most of the Race/Class combos(Except: Maestro/Dominator class locked to race and Kamael/Ertheia race not available change to or from), Now that Awakening doesn't even happen at those altars, Stone of Destiny is doubly obsolete.