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  1. Tell Us About Your Computer

    Core 2 Duo e8600(3.33Ghz) GeForce GTX 750 TI OC 8GB Patriot DDR3 8500
  2. lvl up 40+ and quest

    If you are on Live(Chronos\Naia) when you get to 40, finished the quest and back at Tarti, you need to do class transfer(a special Icon appears on bottom right screen when you are eligible to advance to next class) Tarti will start the next Quest Chain after you choose your Class.
  3. Red Libra

    My first Awakened Character was Dwarf Aeore Healer... I know what the "Stone of Destiny" does, and I'm bewildered every time some noob asks for it(Legit use would have been Kamael Tank/Healer Main Class Awakened @85... it was an over-ride item to allow Awakening to ANY of the 8 Generic Awakened classes(access to the other 7 classes, not related to it's 1-85 class/skill/equipment etc.)Race Change Ticket can do most of the Race/Class combos(Except: Maestro/Dominator class locked to race and Kamael/Ertheia race not available change to or from), Now that Awakening doesn't even happen at those altars, Stone of Destiny is doubly obsolete.
  4. craft material

    You can use lower Recipes & Key Mats for Alchemy right now... I would be surprised if Corroded version works for Alchemy after update.
  5. Any plan to make Iss Judicator?

    Judicator class was UNLOCKED after completing first subclass/noblesse, so it could be 2nd/3rd sub (It was created so Kamaels could have 3 subclasses without programming skills/animations for every other class at the time) They eventually did get all available subclass skills programmed... but now all those old 1-85 skills deleted and replaced with copied Awakened skills, now everyone has the same Dual Class options.
  6. Boss Istina

    Next update you will need to keep an eye on your XP(or other measures to prevent leveling)... the no level loss when killed @ 0.000% will be raised from 85 to 105(hopefully you can still reduce to 0.000% by dying) https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14893-news-from-korea/ 1. Changed the standard level of dual class to 105. -After reaching level 105, you can add dual classes through Dual Class Master Joachim in Aden Castle Town or Dual Class Master Leaane in Talking Island Town. 2. When the death of the character below the level 105, the experience level has been changed so that the level is not down.
  7. When do I change race for the Kamael?

    Race Change is not Available for Kamael or Ertheia... they were asking if/when it would be changed. (Only the original prelude-interlude races can use Race Change service... Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc and Dwarf) The only option for Kamael to change class is Chaos Essence(Feoh Soulhound can become another type of Feoh... Storm Screamer for Dark Elf skills but you remain Kamael)
  8. What is the most op class?

    Elpy Slayer Awakening Quest is too buggy for an average player... but really GM class is sooo OP, they have instant acess to new items, skills zones etc every update, and never gets nerfed(Visa Warriors do their best to catch-up quick though)
  9. https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-supplemental-update-2-patch-notes The update of Primeval Isle has given the player base the possibility to Farm Items previously available in L2Store exclusively during time-limited promotions... Set monsters of the Primeval Isle to drop the following items: Blessed Bracelet Enchant Scroll Blessed Circlet Enchant Scroll Blessed Dragon Shirt Enchant Scroll Noble Upgrade Stone Radiant Upgrade Stone Crystal of Dawn
  10. The ? notice gives you teleport scroll to Herphah, but the Quest starts in Gludio at Tarti.
  11. Primeval Isle update now has chance to drop Items that were previously in L2store exclusively during time-limited promotions(Noble+Radiant upgrade) https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-supplemental-update-2-patch-notes Set monsters of the Primeval Isle to drop the following items: Blessed Bracelet Enchant Scroll Blessed Circlet Enchant Scroll Blessed Dragon Shirt Enchant Scroll Noble Upgrade Stone Radiant Upgrade Stone Crystal of Dawn
  12. https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-supplemental-update-2-patch-notes from patch notes: 1. Set the 1st class skills to be deleted when those characters that didn’t learn the 2nd class skills learn the Awakened class skills. (the new 1-85 skills from the Spring Update that crashed client when learning due to unavailable prerequisite skill) 2. Deleted the 1st to 3rd class skills that some awakened classes owned abnormally.(the skill should not exist on Live Servers anymore, it was already "removed" previously) Or are you playing Classic?
  13. Bloodied Demonic Tome

    Just a couple of the errors in our last minute Patch notes, or... the Intended changes were reverted in the Patch we were sent from Korea.
  14. Bloodied Demonic Tome

    The Demonic Tomes are not on the list of Items deleted during Update, or the list of Items which will be deleted Nov. 13. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15600-fafurion-supplemental-update-2-item-removal/ The Patch notes incorrectly say they were removed for the Update... not for Nov. 13. The passive skills from fishing guild were not removed from my characters... so I did not get any adena compensation.
  15. Brooch

    Level 95 Quest in Bloody Swamp gives 4-slot brooch and 4 lv.2 Jewels(Emerald, Pearl, Diamond and choice of Ruby or Sapphire)