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  1. Token Based Policy

    When someone has a few of the same Bows to enchant... they could drag the wrong one "by mistake" or even due to lag have wrong item picked up(kind of like sticky targets or it drops/picks up another item while you drag) It teaches you to look closely over each item before clicking the next button.
  2. Pet Summon Item No Longer Tradeable

    Summon your pet and you'll find there are items in it's inventory, empty the pet's inventory and unsummon, then you can trade it normally.
  3. PK DROP ?

  4. It is Official information maintained by/for NCsoft's Licencees in EU/RU region, so it is not 100% accurate for us... lots of stuff from their severs have been nerfed or completely removed here. We used to have a sub-par library section before they migrated Forums, and overhauled the website, now for any past/future NCsoft info you need to translate the Korean official site. When you open in Game Help, Alt+X > click Help button... expand "Intermediate Player Info" and List of Commands is the last subject in the section.
  5. /attackstand is like holding Shift + Attack shortcut, so they already have a start with normal Attacks and /useskillstand for skills... if they can't make a "stand" toggle, would be almost as good to add commands for /forceattackstand and /forceuseskillstand I found some new commands looking at in-game presets, then I found this https://l2wiki.com/Commands which has more commands than the Hi-5 DB I'd been using before that.
  6. Gamepad support can't be turned off

    If you find any old USB Joystick/Gamepad to plug in for 1 min the game will allow to un-check Gamepad Support, it sounds like your game is confused by some Hardware/Software or the spinning is due to something else. AFAIK the Config file is L2.ini, it is encrypted so you can't even read it now... you used to be able to read some of the files before they locked out PawnViewer a couple years ago.
  7. Ether

  8. Even better give Red Libra so Archers could change Dual to a better mele class and Max out their Dual HP/certificates, and farm Exalted Quest Items on Dual if they can't AoE well.
  9. What means support STATUS = OPEN

    Whenever you or support adds a post on your Ticket it will be flagged as Open so the other party can see the Ticket has been updated(support will close the ticket as solved if you don't reply within 48 hours of their latest post... you can re-open it by replying at any time) Open or Solved are the only Status flags I'm aware of for Support Tickets.
  10. This is Exploit?(Chronos)

    When they Overhauled the entire Clan System they should have done some alterations to the War System 1- Clans Level 1-4 War is not Possible 2- Clans Level 5-9 War requires 15+ Clan Members and Defending Clan needs to Kill x Members of Attacking Clan(move Clan Specialization to Level 10+) 3- Clans Level 10+ can choose PVE/PVP Clan Specialization: PVE no longer has 15+ Clan Member restriction and only has the requirement to Kill X Members of Attacking Clan(if they are being Attacked they can avoid it partially) PVP has 0 restriction if attacking another PVP Clan... when Attacking a Clan which is in a lower bracket you need to fulfill their requirements.
  11. L2 Store Items

    Party Cakes are the cheapest source of Hero Coins and usually there is a steady market for them(except when promo/event gives a bunch of the bound ones). Don't buy Emperor's Cocktail singles for 10 NCoin just for resale, even for double the normal NCoin->Adena rate, or 7 Cocktails for 60 NCoin when they offer that... but the Emperor's Special Cocktail (x336) for 1680 NCoin would be worth buying to get 21 Hero Coins(just missed the Sale)there is no more Instance Entrance Passes in the store... the new Instance Recharge Stones at 70 NCoin there is 0 Hero Coins so if you can get decent Adena rate, maybe sell a couple now and then(the market bottoms out so don't stock-up)
  12. L2 Store Items

    To make the most of your purchases, don't buy Anything without Hero Coin bonus unless you are getting above Average NCoin-> Adena rate(minimum purchase a single 80 NCoin Item for 1 Hero Coin, Party Cakes gives 2 Hero Coins for 100 NCoin[many Hero Coin Rewards are Tradeable or useful to any type of Character])
  13. I saw +7 Stage 1 Belt on AH(Chronos) so they are tradeable... They are Replacements for Lidia/Gustov/Nurka Belts which were mostly converted to Chef Monkey Belts, so I kinda expected them to be tradeable.(if any new Lidia/Gustov/Nurka Belts do show up, they can be used to upgrade Ruler's Authority Belt)
  14. Armor Appearance Stone

    You lose the Applied Appearance if you use a Scroll: Restore Equipment (#-grade) or stiff the Grocery NPC and Apply another Appearance over the current one instead(using an Appearance stone/set or normal/Blessed Modify Armor scrolls and Extraction Item(s)... ie. Blue Wolf Robe parts. You only need Restore Equipment scrolls if you want to reset to stock Appearances and keep them) If it is a Premium Appearance like Vesper Noble, Elegia or the newer L2Store Appearances, you might find someone who is willing to Trade you the same STAT set->set and pay you extra for the Appearance(use some of those World Chats see if there is any interest before torching the Appearance... )
  15. Blue dinasty

    The Blue Dynasty Outfit Bundle has just 1 Armor Appearance Stone... it is either Automatic by Armor type, like Emerald Weapon Appearance Stones became... instead of Coupon exchanged for a specific Weapon stone... or it only gives Blue Dynasty Leather Armor Appearance to all types of Armor, like the Vesper Noble Appearace bundle they had a few years back... or like the disguise effect of "Energy of Chaos" when participating in Ceremony of Chaos(which is Blue Dynasty Leather Armor Appearance for everyone involved) Even IF you could obtain an Actual set of Blue Dynasty Armor... You CAN NOT miss-match Armor type for Shirt/Pants(you can put Heavy Boot&Glove Appearance onto Light or Robe Boot&Glove) https://l2wiki.com/Changing_Appearance#Changing_appearance_of_a_armor