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  1. suggestion for PK

    With the removal of all Penalties for PK, we need to improve PK defense and add incentives for clearing -Rep/PKs: Blessing of Protection Buff should be available for Level 1-85 minimum(add to ALL the NEW quest chains from Tarti in Gludio... which auto buff based on class) Additionally it could be added to Adventurers' Guide's FREE BUFFS for Level 1-99(maybe change it to protect from chaotic characters more than 5 levels higher, instead of 10) as 100+ PKs should not be farming players in 95 zones etc. The NEW Teleport system should NOT allow chaotic characters to arrive inside towns... PKs should have to Fight their way into town past Players and Guards(Boost the Guards to 100+ since they ONLY attack chaotic characters.) If a chaotic character uses the NEW Teleport system to go to Aden their spawn point should still be modified to random spot just OUTSIDE of Town away from Gates/Guards... just like Scroll of Escape or To Village after death.
  2. Crystal of Protection

    You can Extract the Dark/Bloody Stones at Blacksmith of Mammon(downgrade to Blessed Eternal) then it will be upgradeable if it is +6 or higher.(the cost for upgrade ramps quickly with each extra + )
  3. Crystal of Protection

    Only Head Blacksmith Ferris in Aden offers upgrade with Crystal of Protection/Determination... can upgrade R2(Apoc/Twilight) R95 or R99, Armor needs to be Blessed and +6 minimum, Weapons need to be Blessed and +7 minimum. After Upgrade R2->R95 or R95->R99 you lose Blessed status and -1 enchant for Armor, -2 Enchant for Weapons. R99->R110 keeps Dark/Bloody for Weapons, but you must Extract Dark/Bloody from Armor to upgrade
  4. Max NCoin purchase in 1 go

    It all depends on your location... If you live in the USA you can buy Instant NCoin cards(GameStop) or NCoin codes(Amazon.com)limited only by Inventory available... no activation or surcharge besides Sales Tax. I used to be able to buy codes from Amazon.com in Canada(with pre-paid Credit Card activation + Currency Exchange)... but when Classic went Live Amazon.com put a region-lock so the only way I can buy NCoins now is from NCSoft directly(Amazon.ca never had Ncoin codes) the last time I made purchases, I put 800 NCoin on a few accounts during HEAVY demand during first Month(s) of Classic and the shortest wait I had was over 72hrs(not counting Sat/Sun)
  5. Questions and doubts

    Paulina's Twilight is kinda like Blessed Twilight +0(same P.def, different set effects) so it is better than plain Seraph(R95), ++(4/3/3/3/3)Blessed Seraph would be a Noticeable Improvement on Paulina's Twilight. Plain Eternal (0/0/0/0/0) likely not a BIG improvement over Paulina's Twilight... but you can upgrade piece by piece.
  6. Paulina's Equipment Set - R grade (ertheia)

    A NEW Ertheia Character Seer/Evi should get 1 R-grade capsule when Main does 1st Liberation @Lvl 40. You need to either choose a Dual class that can use the exact same equipment... or save the capsule to open on Dual class(Seer can use skills with Caster/Buster/Retributer/etc... only has Mastery for Blunts [Avenger/Dual Blunts/Caster/Retributer/Tauti??] Evi can only use Fists)
  7. Paulina's Equipment Set - R grade (ertheia)

    My Seer never even got 30-day stuff on main or Dual(I leveled to 85 around Salvation(maybe the one before)... Update where every other Main/Dual Class Awakened @ Relinquary of Giants & got free 30-day R-grade, Ertheia Liberation for Main/Dual was not @ Relinquary of Giants so they never got them.
  8. Wolf Quest still exists?

    If ur on Chronos... I've got a couple Lvl 15 Wolves(on AH 12,345k) or Lvl 55 Great Black Wolf(on AH 32kk)
  9. Pk services

    You might wanna check your server... I'm guessing you play Classic, does anyone go to Cruma on Chronos/Naia? Just get a World/Hero shout for Cursed Swords when they're on(stay in town till they move on.)
  10. My Guess... if the reward is tradeable, then it should not get deleted; any bound items not listed for deletion you might actually get to keep(or they get deleted later?)
  11. List of skills we can get from subclasses?

    Judicaor class only exist to give Kamael equal subclasses/certs/skills during the time they were limited to Light Armor & Kamael classes (IIRC Underground update allowed Kamael to sub non-Kamael classes... several years after their introduction).
  12. List of skills we can get from subclasses?

    Ertheia got Immediate Lvl 85 Dual Class and no subclass to avoid coding ALL 1-85 skills for a completely new Model... the "boosted stats" are better than if they did have the possibility of subclass.(development took a shortcut! They took a shortcut when Kamael were introduced too... Kamael can now sub any class[except Maestro/Dominator/Ertheia] but originally they could only sub Kamael classes)
  13. Help newbie, please

    When Your Dual Class reaches 85 you can use class change interface... lower right corner. You get a Chest with Rose buffs/Paulina's Twilight Bracelet/Class Cloak/Mysterious SSR&BSSR etc. (Only Main Class has actual Class Change Quests now, and then uses class change interface.)
  14. List of skills we can get from subclasses?

    That's the OLD system(well the most recently replaced system)... [and now that they have erased all skills 1-85 they could actually let Ertheia have subclasses, and introduce Male Ertheia... but the subclasses get removed completely soon, leaves only Dual Class.] NEW system 1 certificate per sub @lvl 80 3 sub certificates total(except Ertheia) https://l2wiki.com/Subclasses_Skills#Subclass_skills
  15. Coliseum teleport

    There are some teleports in the new system which were NEVER available before, Ancient City of Arcan and Floran Village(used to only be available as special SOEs, Fairy Agathion skill etc.) but Coliseum is one of several teleports no longer available... and Fantasy Island/Monster Race Track are still only available at a Gatekeeper NPC(main dialog options) add Coliseum to Gatekeeper options, or to Aden destinations on new teleport interface... either would be better than running.