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  1. You can buy them from other Players... but yes they only come from L2store.
  2. it used to explain it better... Lv3= Attacks target with 28632 power added to P. Atk. For 10 sec. Speed -70. Requires a bow/ crossbow. Lv9=Attacks target with 45960 power added to P. Atk. For 10 sec. Speed -70. Requires a bow/ crossbow debuff effect^^ https://l2wiki.com/Slow_Shot_-_Yul_Sagittarius
  3. Pawn Viewer was always off-line... you were fixed to the Map segment where you spawned(could be modified in ini file) but you could see all items/skills/transforms etc.
  4. Classic still has mostly the old skills(a few new skills, and old skills with Changed effects[Eva's Kiss]) Nostalgia-wise it may tingle some memories, but it too is changing adding Items never seen in any previous version of L2.
  5. un-equip your current Brooch to see the requirements to upgrade.(they are aware of this Bug... report it anyways, they might fix it eventually)
  6. May's update last year... you can only learn Novice versions of Awakened Skills now.(I want my Cute Bears) https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-patch-notes The following skills and items will be removed: All 1st to 3rd Class Skills will be removed and replaced with new Novice Class Skills (except for Ertheia classes). All Skill books and consumables related to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class skills will be removed. All Summoner’s pre-awakened servitors and past awakened servitors (Cute Bear, Saber Tooth Cougar, and Grim Reaper) will be removed.
  7. Maybe a passive invincible like Undying Will, Revelation skill... before Class Diversification all Tyrrs had in description: they can also become invincible in critical situations https://l2wiki.com/Tyrr_Warrior Watch for the Glow of Invincible skills...
  8. Maestro has Giant Barrier(it can be auto used: green loop on icon)... turn on your Momentum/Rolling Thunder toggles in a peace zone, when HP/MP get lowered try any invincible skill (Brooch/Shirt/Agathion skills) then Power Revival. It's also possible that MOBS interrupt while casting(after use before effect)
  9. Find a proper Video Driver... Manufacturer's website, Reference Driver (Chip manufacturer) or Windows Update.
  10. Actually I think it's likely auto skills(right clicked on skill bar or in party) any UD/Celestial/Angel's Touch/Giant's Barrier will block recovery skills, you need to check that they are in cool-down when you try to use recovery skills/items.
  11. Grocer NPCs only sell Infinite Quivers now... under 2,000 Adena for wooden no-grade(only Human/Elf/Dark Elf Fighters should get 1500 Wooden Arrows when starting a NEW Character. not sure about Kamael Archer.)You will get R-grade Arrows and Paulina's gear at Level 40 if you choose the right class.
  12. If you start a new character, they just added a Quest Teleport Cube... clicking it will Teleport you between current NPC and Hunting Ground. then you can go follow and talk to same NPCs maybe your Character is Bugged, if you start at 1st part and follow to Level 42 maybe it will trigger the NEW Quests.
  13. np, it's a common problem since NCsoft started using 1 Launcher for all games... if they called it Server Location instead of "Select a region" it would end the confusion and few would choose the wrong Location.
  14. Go to Gludio and talk to Tarti... you may have started character before they changed the Tutorial Quests(1-85 now) and your quests would have been deleted. everybody does the same quests for tutorial now.
  15. When you Start the Launcher, you need to choose North America for Region before you log in... then you can see Lineage 2 Choice(Region select is for Server location, this Launcher cannot be used to access L2 Servers in any other Region)
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