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  1. It was an Awakening skill before class diversification(just Feoh Wizard)some people may not have taken the skill as at the time you could keep select 3rd class skills, after Class Diversification each Feoh could still learn it... but it was eventually removed http://www.discoverlineage2.com/en/game/patch-notes/goddess-of-destruction/awakening/awakening-skill-replacement.php#Feoh Wizard as Soul Hound was not a Mage class pre-Awakening they could not keep Arcane Power that other Feohs could. Wizard Spirit Arcane Power Arcane
  2. If you disable auto-use celestial and item skills for party(any that affect the Aeore), then the skill should work 100%, except when obviously interrupted by stun/silence/petrify etc.
  3. All normal pets(Baby pets, Wolf, Hatchling etc.) which gain EXP and Levels still have pre-GoD EXP table... if you are hunting white Mobs they level up every few kills. Minion pets(like Turtle Shaman, Toy Knight or Clan Exclusive Pets)become your level when summoned... they only last for so many hours(5 hours for Minion 72 hours for clan pets) but they won't out level you.
  4. Full Screen can have it's own resolution(not dependent on your desktop's resolution) set to full screen, then adjust the resolution. Window and full window are dependant on your desktop's resolution(if you stretch a window it'll be custom resolution... that is just a portion of the desktop) adjust your desktop resolution to change the Game's resolution.
  5. High-grade Weapon Augment Stone should be usable for R95 and up(used to be High-grade Spirit Stone) Top-grade Weapon Augment Stone should be usable for R99 and up(used to be Top-grade Spirit Stone) Top-grade Augment Stones can only be used on R110 Weapons(used to be Super Advanced Spirit Stone)
  6. Maybe they fixed it during Maintenance... choose 2nd option "see a list of dye..." works for me.
  7. When someone has a few of the same Bows to enchant... they could drag the wrong one "by mistake" or even due to lag have wrong item picked up(kind of like sticky targets or it drops/picks up another item while you drag) It teaches you to look closely over each item before clicking the next button.
  8. Summon your pet and you'll find there are items in it's inventory, empty the pet's inventory and unsummon, then you can trade it normally.
  9. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18768-pk-system-changes-future-update/
  10. It is Official information maintained by/for NCsoft's Licencees in EU/RU region, so it is not 100% accurate for us... lots of stuff from their severs have been nerfed or completely removed here. We used to have a sub-par library section before they migrated Forums, and overhauled the website, now for any past/future NCsoft info you need to translate the Korean official site. When you open in Game Help, Alt+X > click Help button... expand "Intermediate Player Info" and List of Commands is the last subject in the section.
  11. /attackstand is like holding Shift + Attack shortcut, so they already have a start with normal Attacks and /useskillstand for skills... if they can't make a "stand" toggle, would be almost as good to add commands for /forceattackstand and /forceuseskillstand I found some new commands looking at in-game presets, then I found this https://l2wiki.com/Commands which has more commands than the Hi-5 DB I'd been using before that.
  12. If you find any old USB Joystick/Gamepad to plug in for 1 min the game will allow to un-check Gamepad Support, it sounds like your game is confused by some Hardware/Software or the spinning is due to something else. AFAIK the Config file is L2.ini, it is encrypted so you can't even read it now... you used to be able to read some of the files before they locked out PawnViewer a couple years ago.
  13. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18396-where-would-a-level-101-get-ether/?tab=comments#comment-129491
  14. Even better give Red Libra so Archers could change Dual to a better mele class and Max out their Dual HP/certificates, and farm Exalted Quest Items on Dual if they can't AoE well.
  15. Whenever you or support adds a post on your Ticket it will be flagged as Open so the other party can see the Ticket has been updated(support will close the ticket as solved if you don't reply within 48 hours of their latest post... you can re-open it by replying at any time) Open or Solved are the only Status flags I'm aware of for Support Tickets.
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