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  1. It is Server-wide Global rates... crafting Gemstones is new... so it may be too popular to try NOW(12 crafting = 3 Lvl 1 Rubies > 1 Lvl 1 Ruby) on the same Day I Crafted full Eternal Robe set w/sigil(between 4 toons on same account) and put 3x60 on whole set(on a different toon) with no fails. Originally I was farming Ether mostly AFK to Craft R95 Weapons(some have been holding Ether a while, but they are no longer useful... I can't farm much with them even Live w/o [~$~].)
  2. Some of the Lore from Legacy site(+wiki basics)... https://lineage2.fandom.com/wiki/Lore The Old Forums on the Wayback Machine(choose a date, then explore... Player Guides)... https://web.archive.org/web/20120126051521/http://boards.lineage2.com/
  3. Remember when Kamaels could only use Light Armor... and they even copied textures so Doom looked exactly like Blue Wolf, Tallum like Dark Crystal etc. Then Ertheia only have 2 armor textures for each grade before Awakening, one for all Mystic's robes and one for all Fighter's armor... these are just shortcuts they took to release these classes, and maybe they'll fix these "work-around"(s) in the coming YEARS... Kamaels have been getting some fixes(but they still can't change Race or Gender) Ertheia JUST got the Stone of Destiny(so they can Main a non-Ertheia class now).
  4. Alchemy is Racial skill, not Class skill... same as Dwarven Crafting, All Dwarves can learn Dwarf only recipes(now only blessing scrolls/mysterious shots)but previous Crafting system allowed my Dwarf Healer to Craft anything my Maestro could(without crit chance). I think Alchemy shouldn't change... last Red Libra was the first time Ertheia could change Main class, nobody said anything about Alchemy then... maybe those who changed then didn't notice or only had a few learned so didn't care.
  5. some clarification is needed... if you want to change the email or password for an account, that is possible. If you want to move a character on 1 account to a different account... on NCWest the only possible way is to delete the original character on the first account yourself, then use the same name for a NEW character on a different account(if support deletes your character for any reason, that name will be unavailable in the future).
  6. Grocery HP pots are not compatible with the auto use... Gran Kain's miraculous medicine, Chaos recovery, Warrior recovery, Decisive recovery are some of the potions that are compatible with auto use.(look on AH and auto use pots will have red icon in description)
  7. The Blessed modify scrolls will leave your APP item after copy, unlike normal modify scrolls which destroys your APP item(normal scrolls only work on "clean items", but Blessed scrolls will use base item APP even with +++ attribute modify etc. without changing original)Chest and Pants need to be same Armor type and the same grade or lower than the set getting modified(glove robe will work on glove heavy, just the body parts are type restricted) https://l2wiki.com/Changing_Appearance#Changing_appearance_of_a_armor
  8. NC Launcher 2 points to L2.bin in L2 system folder. When we had the first Launcher, you could copy L2.bin and rename copy to L2.exe(with some other config files) so we could use PawnViewer... you can no longer use a copied L2.exe for anything interesting AFAIK.(well maybe to watch in-game replay files off-line)
  9. The Challenger Weapons beat finding some ++ Apocalypse/Specter until you complete Exalted 1&2 so you can use Augment/SoulCrystal on Enhanced Exalted. The Armor(especially ++), Jewelry and other goodies are ALL superior to what you get through Exalted Quests, the Armor would be better with half the PVE effect of Eternal Bloody... and when they start selling more maybe they remove buy limit. (If you have Bloody Weapon to use up to Exalted 2 + etc., you can send Challenger Tickets by Dimensional Merchant to a free-play Alt or PK maybe shop?)
  10. Warehouse Chief, Head Blacksmith or High Priest NPCs have all the OLD clan functions that haven't been updated with the NEW clan system.
  11. /useskill name %C [space+%+C] Adding it after most macro skills, they will skip on macro(no system message), but I've seen some Evis/Seer skills that still give a system message... I should write them down when I notice them again.
  12. On your Equipment screen there is a toggle to display/hide Hair Accessories... you need them off to see the new Hairstyle(as some Accessories over-ride your chosen hair color/style). There are some 1pc Armor Appearances that over-ride both Hairstyle and Accessories, ALL the Assassin Suits for sure; Alice, Nobelesse and other 1pc Appearances which have Hats probably over-ride both as well. the 5-stone sets all had the "Helmet" put on a 2-slot Hair Accessory with or without SAs.
  13. Basically any item you could hand-off to a box on another account, can be sent by mail(regular/COD) any "bound" Account shareable items can be sent to another toon on the same account via the Dimensional Merchant(click Dimensional Merchant button on sidebar for share/receive functions anywhere)
  14. If the Dyes are the same, or insignificant difference you might keep the new ones for your Dual. (Giant 4 > Ancient 4 not worth upgrade) Dye type Description Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4 Lv. 5 Giant Dye Increases one basic stat of your character and decreases the other one. +3 -2 +4 -3 +5 -4 +5 -2 +5 Ancient Dye Increases one basic stat of your character and decreases the other one, increases resistance to one at
  15. If you Applied the Exalted Dyes(x3), then you'd need to remove one of them before you can add a new one. you can have 3 permanent tattoos, and 1 temporary(1d/7d/30d) tattoo(orange space at the bottom) https://l2wiki.com/Dyes_and_Tattoos
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