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  1. What means support STATUS = OPEN

    Whenever you or support adds a post on your Ticket it will be flagged as Open so the other party can see the Ticket has been updated(support will close the ticket as solved if you don't reply within 48 hours of their latest post... you can re-open it by replying at any time) Open or Solved are the only Status flags I'm aware of for Support Tickets.
  2. This is Exploit?(Chronos)

    When they Overhauled the entire Clan System they should have done some alterations to the War System 1- Clans Level 1-4 War is not Possible 2- Clans Level 5-9 War requires 15+ Clan Members and Defending Clan needs to Kill x Members of Attacking Clan(move Clan Specialization to Level 10+) 3- Clans Level 10+ can choose PVE/PVP Clan Specialization: PVE no longer has 15+ Clan Member restriction and only has the requirement to Kill X Members of Attacking Clan(if they are being Attacked they can avoid it partially) PVP has 0 restriction if attacking another PVP Clan... when Attacking a Clan which is in a lower bracket you need to fulfill their requirements.
  3. L2 Store Items

    Party Cakes are the cheapest source of Hero Coins and usually there is a steady market for them(except when promo/event gives a bunch of the bound ones). Don't buy Emperor's Cocktail singles for 10 NCoin just for resale, even for double the normal NCoin->Adena rate, or 7 Cocktails for 60 NCoin when they offer that... but the Emperor's Special Cocktail (x336) for 1680 NCoin would be worth buying to get 21 Hero Coins(just missed the Sale)there is no more Instance Entrance Passes in the store... the new Instance Recharge Stones at 70 NCoin there is 0 Hero Coins so if you can get decent Adena rate, maybe sell a couple now and then(the market bottoms out so don't stock-up)
  4. L2 Store Items

    To make the most of your purchases, don't buy Anything without Hero Coin bonus unless you are getting above Average NCoin-> Adena rate(minimum purchase a single 80 NCoin Item for 1 Hero Coin, Party Cakes gives 2 Hero Coins for 100 NCoin[many Hero Coin Rewards are Tradeable or useful to any type of Character])
  5. I saw +7 Stage 1 Belt on AH(Chronos) so they are tradeable... They are Replacements for Lidia/Gustov/Nurka Belts which were mostly converted to Chef Monkey Belts, so I kinda expected them to be tradeable.(if any new Lidia/Gustov/Nurka Belts do show up, they can be used to upgrade Ruler's Authority Belt)
  6. Armor Appearance Stone

    You lose the Applied Appearance if you use a Scroll: Restore Equipment (#-grade) or stiff the Grocery NPC and Apply another Appearance over the current one instead(using an Appearance stone/set or normal/Blessed Modify Armor scrolls and Extraction Item(s)... ie. Blue Wolf Robe parts. You only need Restore Equipment scrolls if you want to reset to stock Appearances and keep them) If it is a Premium Appearance like Vesper Noble, Elegia or the newer L2Store Appearances, you might find someone who is willing to Trade you the same STAT set->set and pay you extra for the Appearance(use some of those World Chats see if there is any interest before torching the Appearance... )
  7. Blue dinasty

    The Blue Dynasty Outfit Bundle has just 1 Armor Appearance Stone... it is either Automatic by Armor type, like Emerald Weapon Appearance Stones became... instead of Coupon exchanged for a specific Weapon stone... or it only gives Blue Dynasty Leather Armor Appearance to all types of Armor, like the Vesper Noble Appearace bundle they had a few years back... or like the disguise effect of "Energy of Chaos" when participating in Ceremony of Chaos(which is Blue Dynasty Leather Armor Appearance for everyone involved) Even IF you could obtain an Actual set of Blue Dynasty Armor... You CAN NOT miss-match Armor type for Shirt/Pants(you can put Heavy Boot&Glove Appearance onto Light or Robe Boot&Glove) https://l2wiki.com/Changing_Appearance#Changing_appearance_of_a_armor
  8. Cursed Drop Bugged

    I don't think there is even a hope that this could get implemented... and the guy with a My Teleport flag 30500 from drop gets advantage over everyone 29999 or closer. Instead I propose Cursed Swords should have all "normal" Escape/Teleport/summon Items and skills disabled(Including My Teleport) when the Weapon is picked up(you are kicked from and prevented from joining parties... you can use NPC shop/WH/Buffer etc.) If the Cursed Weapon's Current Owner Can Trap XX Players or survive 15 min then a Modified Teleport Interface will become available for 1 use (you can stack additional uses... 1.5 Hrs=6 uses)You CAN NOT Teleport Into any SAFE zone such as Castle, Fortress or Town (even if your Clan controls location/has Clan Hall... maybe allow Cursed Weapon to teleport "near" these locations, OUTSIDE of SAFE zone and away from Chaotic Defense NPCs(gotta fight past the Guards). Remaining teleport options should be limited by the Current Owner's Level (ie ONLY zones designated for characters within 9 levels ± will be active when the teleport interface is available)
  9. At the VERY LEAST they should make ALL obsolete L2Store Items Dimensional(such as Older Agathions{Zaken/Soul Avatars/Joon?etc} or Power Shirt, Elemental Shirt, Shiny Shirts now that we have Dragon Shirts... still waiting for upgrade stones) even better allow you to re-pack low enchanted to +0 tradeable box, re-pack +7-9 to +7 tradeable box and +10 to +10 tradeable box... or ADD more in-game upgrades; like the Agathions have gotten, for the other obsolete L2Store Items. However... I do believe that most Bound Items obtained through discontinued In-Game systems should never be transferable in any way(Quest Rewards, ToI/Ketra/Varka Farming, Luxury Shop Agathion Charms/Hats... etc) Several more Anniversary gifts should be dimensional... like all Balloon Stick of %color% and most Agathions/Charms; BUT not every Anniversary gift, some NEED to remain bound to A Qualifying Character)
  10. Prestige pack

    As this is a "Subscription Service" or Recurring Pack purchase the ONLY WAY to buy is from the website. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/204360979-Recurring-Pack-FAQ
  11. The best locations for fishing?!

    It is also 1 of 4 current "Safe-Zone" fishing areas: Heine, Giran, and Aden are the others... now fishing quest is easier in those towns, since they have a duplicate Fishing Guild NPC in the town's central square (so you don't have to run in/out of shop over & over... SoE{or use Teleport interface/skill}, /target NPC, /attack, then return to fishing spot.)
  12. Skill Elemental Resistance (Aeore Cardinal)

    When Aeore's Sayha Buffs got replaced by Common (ISS) Buffs now they are self-buff only. Resistance of Sayha was the party version Aeore had, and it still works as a party buff... And if you learn even 1 Common (ISS) Buff you lose every Sayha Buff!!
  13. What do you miss?

    +++ Wishing Potion Quest... 1/2 for Wisdom(try for Amulet: Heart of Pa'aggrio), 1/3 for Wealth(try for {1-100}m Adena).98% 3 Grimas wipe your party... 2% ~100k?) and 1/6 for Kingdom(maybe some Demon robe armor) When they are willing to make multi-use quests again I think they should start with this one[main 105+ and takes you to MOBs and NPCs in some of the newer Lvl 99+ areas(as well as older 1-99 areas) you shouldn't NEED to attack any MOBs Dark RED for Level 105... just avoid the Agros if you can]
  14. Bad Faith !

    It is common buffs that gives everybody reflect... Marching Drum For 5 min., all party members' Atk. Spd. +40%, Casting Spd. +30%, Damage Reflection +10%, and Skill Cooldown -10% Daring Sonata For 5 min., all party members' Atk. Spd. +40%, Casting Spd. +30%, Damage Reflection +10%, and Skill Cooldown -10% You can't remove NPC version of these buffs anymore(and Mentor Version is constant as long as the mentor is logged in)... just the Box/Live ISS buffs can be removed, or you could decide to leave them off your Buff macro altogether.
  15. Where would a level 101 get ether?

    Used to buy High/Top and Circlet/Brooch Spirit stones at any Blacksmith(I want to Augment an Item -> Exchange Spirit stones)need thousands of them for all but High-grade(489) https://l2wiki.com/Soul_Crystal#Currency For
  16. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

    discontinued it for now does not mean removed completely... plus there is Chef Monkey and Santa Fishing Events too. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18261-please-make-fishing-event/?tab=comments#comment-123778
  17. When this happens with a Mob, it has been pulled from it's spawn area... lost Agro, or killed the player who had Agro, after awhile any hit will cause Mob to reset to it's spawn area, HP/MP resets 100% too(and it's invulnerable until it get's to it's spawn area so it can pull you all the way there)
  18. hotbars

    Alt+L will reset all game element's on-screen location(helpful when something was dragged off-screen or just not displaying properly like SS/BSS/HPpot bar)
  19. Blood Panther summon

    summon points are only relevant for Wynn classes(only Wynn can have more than 1 Active summon)
  20. Sealing La vie en lv 3 and 4

    https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-of-war-update-patch-notes Removed the function to exchange Stage 3 jewels for Jewelry Boxes through Shadai(January patchnotes so box them up quick, it might actually get removed ninja style)
  21. There are definitely some Augments which no longer show up as passives(Weapon + Jewelry; Life stones and Spirit stones)... mostly the ones I've noticed are Stat modifiers like +HP/MP/CP, P.Atk, P.Crit rate, P.Crit damage, P.Evasion, Atk.Speed, Run Speed, Debuff resist, Element resist and Chance debuff/effect.(M.Evasion shows but P.Evasion doesn't???). only some of these can be verified on your Status screen(Alt+T) These Old Augments used to have the same Icons as the Old Pre-Awakened Skills which have all been removed since Fafurion... M.Evasion still shows up with an old Icon, so if the icons still exist in the client they are not linked correctly to these Old Augments. I've also submitted a Support Ticket.
  22. OK, you missed the point... I'm not AFK while macroing in mines, I was offering a possible explanation to @Helvie why they are getting attacked by Mobs which they won't Target back while on manner mode(really when the pullers lose agro the mobs should lose the social group status and reset to non-claimed for manner mode on the way back to their spawn areas, but this is just like Training Mobs to Grief weaker players) Typical AoE parties that do this are why people need to turn off manner mode... and if you are single targeting due to basic gear then you'll usually get pulled to the AoE DD when they agro your 1 Mob... and they get Pissed off and PK you.
  23. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    I don't have any R110(Super Advanced Augments) but there are definitely some Augments which no longer show up as passives(Weapon + Jewelry; Life stones and Spirit stones)... mostly the ones I've noticed are Stat modifiers like +HP/MP/CP, P.Atk, P.Crit rate, P.Crit damage, P.Evasion, Atk.Speed, Run Speed, Debuff resist, Element resist and Chance debuff/effect.(M.Evasion shows but P.Evasion doesn't???). only some of these can be verified on your Status screen(Alt+T)
  24. Or if Party Leader has an invisible Token system selecting multiple Next Targets for the whole party, and party members would attack nearest Token marked Mob. (too late to edit ^^)
  25. In Bloody Swamp and Abandoned Coal Mines when you are farming fine as a mele toon(passive non-social Mobs)... a Sigel or Tyrr comes by pulling mobs for Yul, pickup Mobs in your Area... but they are pulling too many too far and when they lose agro on a few they are now social and they will all attack you if you were hitting even 1 of them previously(and with manner mode you will only attack the ones you were hitting before they got pulled) In solo Dungeons like Kimerian or Kartia you have to turn off manner mode because if your NPC supports hit a Mob first you will not attack it unless your support dies. If they could fix manner mode for parties, so that the Party Leader's next target is assisted by everyone in the party, rather than just allowing party members to hit the same mobs then your auto-hunt parties would stick together instead of wandering off in different directions all the time(then it would make sense to party with someone who is just hitting random loose mobs looking for a spot instead of PKing them... at least in Blazing Swamp/War-Torn Plains where the quest item is more important than the XP)