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  1. Alt+U opens Quest window(if you expand a quest, the hunting zone will be marked on your map) 76-85 quest chain runs through the Orc Barracks... choose Gludin Village to access the Orc Barracks teleport. Go to Hermit if you don't have an active quest from the chain.
  2. I need help for launcher

    Playing around with resolution on my laptop... I can still launch the game with even 1280*720(try maximize launcher/return original size) If your screen resolution is 800*600 or less I think you are using generic Windows Display adapter driver, alternatively you may have Windows scaling enabled(used on small screen devices to magnify display 125/150/175% or custom%) if you change it to 100% then the start button should be visible with vertical resolutions greater than 720(1280*720) Open Windows Settings -> System -> Display, to change scaling or turn it off.
  3. Recommendations

    if you have 0/44 recommends then nobody has recommended you, you are earning recommend points... you get a certain amount of points to use on other players when you log in, and continue to earn more as you stay logged-in. https://l2wiki.com/Recommendation_System When you've received about 100 recommendations your name will start to change to light blue, if you have 255/xx that is maximum recieved recommendations(from other players) that is the darkest blue your received recommendations are depleted by 5 everyday... so you need to refill regularly or you lose blue color. Free PKs are for if you have +rep(green name) when you PK... rep becomes 0 name is changed to white/blue and next PK will give -rep +PK etc.
  4. Human Doombringer

    Kamael used to ONLY have Kamael Dual/subclasses available... now they can Dual class with same restrictions as original races(no Dominator/Maestro or Ertheia classes). However; Other Races still can't choose Kamael classes for Dual.
  5. Attendance rewards

    There is 30 Min timer for Attendance Checklist... system notified you that the timer had run down(You NEED Level 85+ Awakened, on Live servers to collect the Reward... I think you NEED Level 20+ 2nd Class on Classic)
  6. Question about hero Coins

    Maphr Shirt is not giftable or tradeable(need to buy/enchant on the right Toon) Hero Coins are sent with "GIFT" Item(Gift Tradeable Items to the Toon you want Hero Coins on.) I'm not sure but I think there are some XP Runes etc. which are sold in a tradeable package. Then you can trade items for main to use, or sell them on open market.
  7. Sturdy Fishing Rod Upgrade

    https://l2wiki.com/Fishing#Rods You need to have Fishing Faction Level 2 to craft Master Fishing Rod lvl1, Faction Level 3 to craft lvl2 etc.
  8. Amd radeon RT 5700 XT,pcie 4

    Video Resources: 71MB Video Driver or DirectX problem I think... since card prolly has 1-2GB min.
  9. I cant write letter "ñ" in game

    Unicode can be copied from Unicode web browser or app(Ctrl+C), then pasted to macro lines(Ctrl+V) make macro for new Title, /nick ...ññ... save macro then click it. make macro for shout, !...ññ... save macro etc.
  10. Lineage II on Ubuntu 18.04

    PRlVATE servers which launch from L2.exe/L2.bin can be run from Linux system... Official Servers use external Launcher/Web Log-in&Launch which then needs to call L2.bin , this only works properly in windows AFAIK. You can run Windows Dual Boot, or use VirtualBox(or even "virtualize" the Windows partition to run in VirtualBox on the Ubuntu system, Linux partition.)
  11. High-Grade Suede recipe

    Wrong section: Live servers no longer drop Recipes/Weapons/Armors for Level 1-85 Mobs. Recipes like this are obsolete for quite some time(replaced with Lv1-5 Mat Recipes) Recipe like these can be bought from Recipe merchant in Blacksmith shop(most towns) If you are on Classic try these mobs: drop Mob's Name Lvl Properties Hunting zone Count Chance Undine 17 Talking Island, Western Territory 1 0.881% — 1.081% Akaste Skeleton Prefect 17 Mithril Mines 1 0.5% — 1% Muertos Fighter 17 Golden Hills 1 0.5% — 1% Langk Lizardman Sentinel 19 Langk Lizardmen Dwellings 1 0.5% — 1% Northern Trimden 19 Eastern Mining Zone 1 0.5% — 1% Zombie Soldier 19 Ruins of Despair 1 0.5% — 1% spoil Mob's Name Lvl Properties Hunting zone Count Chance Sukar Ratman 18 Elven Fortress 1 7.293% — 8.919% Skeleton Tracker 17 Ruins of Agony 1 4.693% — 5.721% https://l2wiki.com/classic/Recipe:_High-grade_Suede#Drop
  12. Main - Dual exchange service

    The 8 Unified Awakened Classes were disappointing to several classes... Soulhound(mele+mystic) and Soultaker(debuff+summon) both became Feoh, Fortune Seeker(mele+spoil) became Othell dagger etc. This part was the reason the Stone of Destiny was introduced... not an example of how it was used. ANNNDD?? What part of your description is not BEFORE Awakening...(as the normal Class "related" to 1-85 class played) you still needed Quest done and go to Reliquary of the Giants... but with the Stone of Destiny you could Awaken at any statue, even as a Class not available to your Race. Now you can get some of the same combinations with Race Change service(no Race Change for Kamael/Ertheia)... Start a character based on the normal Race for that class, then Race Change into the otherwise unavailable Race/Class combination that you want.
  13. Main - Dual exchange service

    Stone of Destiny was used BEFORE Awakening to choose a different unified Awakened class unrelated to the 1-85 class played(even kamael could use it... anyone who used it lost all pre-Awakened skills)The 8 Unified Awakened Classes were disappointing to several classes... Soulhound(mele+mystic) and Soultaker(debuff+summon) both became Feoh, Fortune Seeker(mele+spoil) became Othell dagger etc. It was removed due to Class diversification... as the reason it was introduced was no longer relevant, and it would need to be completely redeveloped to be useable BEFORE Awakening. The delusional notion that you can use it to change class at Lvl 100+ and keep Level/XP/quests/etc. is totally unwarranted.
  14. Dwarf Crafting

    Well maybe the original developers could give you a satisfactory answer... all of them were gone by C3/4. The system was developed when B-grade was Top gear, when their replacements added new grades they kept the basic formula, adding new basic mats as well as recipe/key mats(farm the new items for months before you can attempt to craft.) Everyone who has crafted anything during the last 15 years is asking why the Drop rate has been nerfed to the point they are now... not why do we need to get more than 1 recipe. 1. it is an Item sink to keep demand/Market value for recipes as long as people continue to craft the Item(when every crafter on the server has the recipe learned they still continue to drop/spoil) even recipe books are another item sink. The drop rate would be 1/50000 or even less if you only needed the recipe in your recipe book. 2. it is another token type item limiting the quantity of items that could be crafted at one time, especially when a new grade is introduced... like R110 just added, the upgrade system will be the most efficient way to obtain R110 for quite some time, eventually crafting R110 will become more accessible (even with Craft Packs from Drops/ Events you still need a recipe added to recipe book)
  15. Dual Class Skill question

    Subclass and Dual class skills based on certifications do not depend on level, once you have earned the certification you do not lose them even if you reset the class... when you have used the certs to learn skills you need to pay to reset all the skills and certs will be returned. Dual Maximum HP passive skill probably does de-level if either Main class or Dual class de-levels too much. https://l2wiki.com/Dualclass#Dualclass_skills_certification
  16. Rare Accesory

    Added in March when the Packs which used to contain them were discontinued(Divine/Noble/Ultimate)... https://www.lineage2.com/news/store-update-for-march New Additions Item Name Description NCoin Price Rare Accessory Pack (30-day) (30 Hero Coins) Double-click to get Blessed Antharas' Earring, Blessed Valakas' Necklace, Tauti's Ring, Earth Wyrm Heart Ring, Ruler's Authority, and Lindvior's Earring for 30 days. Cannot be used in Olympiad or Ceremony of Chaos. 2000 Mysterious Abnormal State Resistance Dye (30-day) (10 Hero Coins) Bring this to the village symbol maker to imprint a 30-day magic symbol that boosts stats (Hold, Sleep, Paralysis, Mental Attack, Poison, Bleed, Stun Resistance + 20 / Buff-canceling Attack Resistance + 20 / 5% chance of reflecting physical and magical abnormal status). All classes. 800
  17. Dwarf Crafting

    Well you are asking 15 years too late... Originally only no grade and D-grade were available to purchase for Adena from NPC vendors... and Low/2nd Top C-grade were available for Crystals from Luxury Shop(so excess recipes[all 100%] were not needed and were next to worthless). As L2 was a Farm/Grind Game... no NPC to buy B-grade and up Weapons/Armor/Accessories so they used recipes as ingredients(60% chance originally) this allowed those recipes to remain valuable as supplies were getting used up with each craft attempt(Masterwork Items... and 100% B-grade recipes were added later) You had to farm Recipes, Key Mats and basic Mats for quite some time to be able to try crafting even a few items at once. Recipes for Mats, consumables and shots never needed any recipes as ingredients.
  18. Dwarf Crafting

    You always needed a recipe as an ingredient for B-grade crafting and up(could produce Masterwork/Blessed items), when they overhauled the base Mats(from stems/bones/skins etc to Lv 1-5 Mats) they changed all Weapon/Armor/Accessory recipes; no grade to C-grade to use recipes as ingredients too.(they also added no grade Gemstones at that time) High5 recipe: https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/recipe/4189/recipe-arthro-nail.html
  19. suggestion for PK

    With the removal of all Penalties for PK, we need to improve PK defense and add incentives for clearing -Rep/PKs: Blessing of Protection Buff should be available for Level 1-85 minimum(add to ALL the NEW quest chains from Tarti in Gludio... which auto buff based on class) Additionally it could be added to Adventurers' Guide's FREE BUFFS for Level 1-99(maybe change it to protect from chaotic characters more than 5 levels higher, instead of 10) as 100+ PKs should not be farming players in 95 zones etc. The NEW Teleport system should NOT allow chaotic characters to arrive inside towns... PKs should have to Fight their way into town past Players and Guards(Boost the Guards to 100+ since they ONLY attack chaotic characters.) If a chaotic character uses the NEW Teleport system to go to Aden their spawn point should still be modified to random spot just OUTSIDE of Town away from Gates/Guards... just like Scroll of Escape or To Village after death.
  20. Crystal of Protection

    You can Extract the Dark/Bloody Stones at Blacksmith of Mammon(downgrade to Blessed Eternal) then it will be upgradeable if it is +6 or higher.(the cost for upgrade ramps quickly with each extra + )
  21. Crystal of Protection

    Only Head Blacksmith Ferris in Aden offers upgrade with Crystal of Protection/Determination... can upgrade R2(Apoc/Twilight) R95 or R99, Armor needs to be Blessed and +6 minimum, Weapons need to be Blessed and +7 minimum. After Upgrade R2->R95 or R95->R99 you lose Blessed status and -1 enchant for Armor, -2 Enchant for Weapons. R99->R110 keeps Dark/Bloody for Weapons, but you must Extract Dark/Bloody from Armor to upgrade
  22. Max NCoin purchase in 1 go

    It all depends on your location... If you live in the USA you can buy Instant NCoin cards(GameStop) or NCoin codes(Amazon.com)limited only by Inventory available... no activation or surcharge besides Sales Tax. I used to be able to buy codes from Amazon.com in Canada(with pre-paid Credit Card activation + Currency Exchange)... but when Classic went Live Amazon.com put a region-lock so the only way I can buy NCoins now is from NCSoft directly(Amazon.ca never had Ncoin codes) the last time I made purchases, I put 800 NCoin on a few accounts during HEAVY demand during first Month(s) of Classic and the shortest wait I had was over 72hrs(not counting Sat/Sun)
  23. Questions and doubts

    Paulina's Twilight is kinda like Blessed Twilight +0(same P.def, different set effects) so it is better than plain Seraph(R95), ++(4/3/3/3/3)Blessed Seraph would be a Noticeable Improvement on Paulina's Twilight. Plain Eternal (0/0/0/0/0) likely not a BIG improvement over Paulina's Twilight... but you can upgrade piece by piece.
  24. Paulina's Equipment Set - R grade (ertheia)

    A NEW Ertheia Character Seer/Evi should get 1 R-grade capsule when Main does 1st Liberation @Lvl 40. You need to either choose a Dual class that can use the exact same equipment... or save the capsule to open on Dual class(Seer can use skills with Caster/Buster/Retributer/etc... only has Mastery for Blunts [Avenger/Dual Blunts/Caster/Retributer/Tauti??] Evi can only use Fists)
  25. Paulina's Equipment Set - R grade (ertheia)

    My Seer never even got 30-day stuff on main or Dual(I leveled to 85 around Salvation(maybe the one before)... Update where every other Main/Dual Class Awakened @ Relinquary of Giants & got free 30-day R-grade, Ertheia Liberation for Main/Dual was not @ Relinquary of Giants so they never got them.