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  1. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    OK, instead of fix the adena bug lets do an attendance event...nice. 49x2 = 98a minium adena for timak orc warrior = 205a. https://imgur.com/1VS8x5C https://imgur.com/a/w3qxZT
  2. Hi, Its been more than a week that I'm trying to buy the launch pack, every ticket i opened the devs says the issue is already fixed. You guys extended the time 'til 23 oct, yeah, that's nice, but...what If we cant buy the pack because it always says we alredy bought it?? Any noticed would be appreciate, thanks.
  3. Launch Packs issue status??

    I have opened like 3 tickets, they say on all of them that the issue is already fixed, but im trying to get the launch pack a week ago
  4. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Something about the launch packs? cant buy them since 5 days ago.
  5. It’s been days since shop is bugged and we cannot purchase the packs, will you guys extend the time? Because tomorrow is last day and Im trying to buy it days ago, thanks.
  6. NCOIN

    It took 25h to me
  7. So, this is actually Pay 2 Play ?

    Short answer. Yes.
  8. Why im leaving classic..

    You can pay or not, its ok. But dude, we are talking abut even playing the game... what's the meaning of F2P then?
  9. Just go to your bank and return the receipt, For me, if im not getting a refund (still have Ncoins, no pack) I will.
  10. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    12h queue, 300 players "only" to play....Client will be closed... Gj Guys.
  11. After 12h queue and 300 players left......."Client will be closed", So funny.
  12. Priorities

    Ok guys, so when there is thousands of players who cant play the game because there is a queue of 10h+ the first fix u guys make is for the shop, so now we can buy journey and chronicle pack to avoid the queue, thats the solution for the staff. This demonstrate that staff is working on server on weekend, but with priorities, first lets make some money and then, if we have time, we will fix the server issues. GJ NcSoft, Im very dissapointed with you.
  13. Almost 2 weeks of incompetence...

    Whatever, nobody is reading this