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  1. Maybe i will start watching One Piece, hopefully it ends at the same time i log in
  2. they need to disable that, this have nothing to do with the "classic" experience
  3. 30-40 min? lucky, currently waiting for almost 2 hours and still 150 in the queue (started at 450)
  4. rly? i have all in ti, dont want to start from 0 again lol, 3 30+
  5. I don't wanna wait 3 hours to log in lol
  6. They need to do something from all the afk's, bots, random box logged because with the 2 hour queue no one will ever log out
  7. 1 hour in queue, almost 10 min from 204 to 201 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. I could say thank you too, but i can't log in so i don't know if the fixes are true
  9. i agree with this, fix this please, i used to kill some1 and kill some mobs (maybe 10?) but getting 700+ karma and 1 mob = -1 is insane, no one ever will PK.
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