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  1. trouble how? they were increased for a week+ and things worked fine ?
  2. i dropped one there. Hard drop doesnt mean it is impossible to drop. Is hard book drop like most book drops... only difference is that this one is highly required by 2 classes, so the demand is high and raises their price sky high.
  3. lol? the same calculation is done on every mob already, you expect server to lag or something if 200 people hit same mob ? Unlikely, is pretty basic math.
  4. The item server lag is very suspicious, thats all i can say.
  5. It can be a pretty easy fight depending on your class. Like for summoners, is pretty easy. The hard part is getting a good drop from him . Got just gemstones or no drop at all. If your class has a hard time against him just save it for the latest level you can join that side of the DG, by then you should have better skills lvled up and better gear (like they said above, get the best jewels you can)
  6. Yea, impossible to use beast ss.. i made a few from soulstones just for pvp. Very expensive class tbh, cant really use the cubics and spirit sharing either, everything comes with a high cost for short duration . So we play as a boring nuker indeed most of the time. is kinda sad. but that's the game we chose to play......... In all fairness, summons would hit like a truck if we could use beast ss all the time. But maybe being a little less expensive wouldnt hurt. As soon as people get castles and put taxes on giran it will be even more expensive, by the way.
  7. Just like a necromancer with CP doesn't really need CDL, it becomes very situational and very late game-ish if he wanna CDL those last few lvls without his cp. Is easy to type a situation where you don't need it, cmon. The only thing i can agree with you is that the adena drop in SoS sucks, other than that we are all in the same boat (kinda). Yes i hope they increase adena drop rate in SoS, im not really counting on them increasing book drop rate, they are supposed to be rare. And by the way necro is not very hard to play. Maybe it is very hard to play a perfect necro, but it is very
  8. My friend, you are not the only class with a hard to drop and very needed book. The trees are agressive which shows you havent even been there enough time i guess? Or maybe never walked near one, just popped from far, a bit unlikely tho, cmon . A lot of classes are struggling, for example what is a warcryer and prophet without their haste and death whisper ? Those books/amulets are just as expensive if not more than CDL and they need TWO expensive as fck books. Have those nukers dropped aura flash or they'll remember that when they are 6x ? I don't like the book farming any more or l
  9. They gonna beat you by running nonstop ? Damage you how, poison cubic or smth ? Dont worry about oly, all summoners do fine there and are among the most OP classes. I doubt there is anything american GMs can do about it if koreans could never fix this. Yes pets look retarded when attacking moving targets but i guess it is what it is.
  10. aint that exactly what he typed? Free teleports arent part of 1.5 classic, free top D weapons arent part of classic, etc......
  11. then dont know, can try those wtfast/battleping softwares but they are not free. Leatrix worked for me in south america
  12. I cant drop any book with my VIP lvl 1 At least OP (proably) got DW since he is talking about haste. im still stuck at DW hahahaha
  13. Dont understand why only a few spots getting boosted. Maybe i should make lowbie char again to farm orc barracks where i made a lot of adena everyday. Because sea of spores surely doesn't drop adena, or books . Are they fixing spots where people cry the most? Well then here i am, crying about SEA OF SPORES, where i drop less than half of the adena i dropped at orc barracks......
  14. People are so dumb to think this hurts mages only. Nuker's dyes are still fine for pvp with +4wit +4int +4con. But good luck to tanks, tyrants, warlords just to name a few.... And literally any fighter class who wanted to PVE with +12 str.
  15. When you have full bot parties running (with 1 active dude) in mainstream spots in front of everyone and never getting banned (like the Ruby, Eminence, Widow etc names guys), you have to imagine they will never ban the random bots soloing random spots either.
  16. Indeed, botted nuker party behind one active guy, he gives one command they all aoe X mob, he gives another command they all single target nuke X mob. Everyday i check if they are online in hope that they got banned, but nope, always online and kicking. Unbelievable how far you can go fully botting in front of everyone, being reported everyday to no result whatsoever. He isn't even trying to hide or be sneaky, he does it in front of everyone, even KSing anyone who trains mobs near him (which probably encourages people to report him even more, and yet he is still there). I tried repo
  17. It would also make it pretty easy to bot as i could report even myself with alt chars, lol
  18. This is 2018, most bots actually have drivers keeping an eye on them (just many many screens but they can still check and type it), very few are completely afk bots, those probably deep into some dwarf island cave or other very hidden spots. So this captcha catches very few of them... very very few. I can only hope this button report actually does something else like tells admins who gets reported the most so they can actually go check manually. Cuz meanwhile we have mainstream bots in top partisan spot, even KSing everyone's trains cuz he doesn't give any bleeps with his full top D staff
  19. @Hime @Juji Where to report bot videos ? Or is it worthless (like the report bot button seems to be) ?
  20. No, the same thing happens even if you shut down computer and turn it on the next day, so it is something on the server's end, not player's computers.
  21. It is frozen/going up cuz VIPs are getting in front of you since server is completely full and even them are getting queue. Anw 30min queue VIP vs 15hours nonvip if your connection is stable to never dc, good luck.
  22. No, it is not 150 per hour till the end. You got 150 per hour cuz many people are giving up when they are far back in line. When you start getting closer it will go slower and slower. 8h on queue and still 500 ahead of me, when i started queue was 1440. Soon it won't move at all cuz most people won't ever relog. Joke of an AFK server. Wanted to play, really tried, but now i feel like i should just try to keep 3 chars fishing 24/7 to force them to fix this shit.
  23. They will wait until 70% of the online population are AFK fishermen to do something.
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