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  1. Stop spamming about queue

    everyone is talking about pay or not pay.... the solution is make all server as one, that u can play in aden giran talking or the server u want with the same character account, pp will say that some ppl can rush all bosses from all server or gain same castles in many servers but that may be regulated, u cant defend 2 castles at the same time if the 2 siegues are pointed at the same time. vip have the benefit of boxes and they will play with buff all time, non vip will never have that benefit wich mean vip actually have the advantaje, the game should have equally chance to lvl up and since only vip can log in and stay... if u can lvl up in any server and play u will allways be lvling, idk if this may be possible but should solve many ppl solution, u really dont want a server of boxes even if they pay a lot for their boxes u want a server of active ppl