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  1. Hello again, The internet works normaly for other games and sites, without problens. But the Lineage doesnt work at that schedule range. The launcher doenst run, or when I can enter into server, I cant move or do anything, just waiting the disconect; Its so weird...
  2. Hello men, satisfaction be here. One question. Has someone here, besides me, the problem of loguin into server between 19:00 (gmt -3) and 00:00 (gmt -3)? Everydays I get DC, always at the same schedule range, and after it I cant loguin again because the Launcher doesnt run. So after 00:00 the server back to be openned to me can enter in. *Im playing from Brazil.
  3. heheheheheh Im making the dimensional rift quest already 92 days... What will happens with these ppl like me? This is 3 months making that dammit quest. And about client limit? Any change for this update?
  4. Hello, @Juji @Cyan We need as well that the Bot Report Botton works with no delay; nowdays this is like 30 mins of delay, and in game there are more Bots than players. There is not way to report all Bots. Hahahah. Thanks.
  5. Hello, The nc doesnt care about BOTs, too many posts about this teme and none with answer from them. Look this video -> [Video removed] Bots farming in chronos server. Bye Please refrain from name shaming other users by showing their names. -Leto
  6. I think that you smoked drugs to come here and write these dumb things.
  7. Yes, 3 to normal players and 20~40~50 to bot programs. I suggest to you to read more about consequence of client limit. Bye
  8. Hello, To the stupid ppl who insists on saying that doenst exist BOTs in chronos server, look this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iazP0U5alEk&t=4185s Bye.
  9. Your 'client limit' just works to normal players, doesnt work to BOT prograns. Look this video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iazP0U5alEk 2 hours about BOTs in chronos server. All this already related in some posts here in the forum and none with answer from nc. Bye
  10. Hello. Nothing about client limitation? :"(
  11. Hello, Probably your skill bar is locked, try to click on padlock at skill bar. Bye
  12. Hello, mate. At other day I had writed a post about BOTs and you left a reply saying your point of vision; I already had noticed that you dont understand the real consequence of BOTs, seeing your post now I have assurance of this. BOTs are illegal prograns that can execute as many accounts want, when the normal is, nowdays, 3 clients per PC. This is not players making macros, it is smart prograns making quests for adena, itens, etc. If you kill them, they will come back after or has enough intelligence to find another spot to farm. All this to sell adena for players who wants buy
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