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  1. I'm playing destro as my main and I'm close to my top D weapon. I've seen that many orc are running with 2H blunts and it's very rare to see one with 2H top D sword. I know that blunt give us this extra stun but we can always have low grade blunt in eq and use it for stun and switch to sword with higher crit. Lets discuss here why people buy/prefer blunts over swords. P.S. I love 2H swords and in my opinion destro is meant to play with sword.
  2. Bot report

    I'm reporting those bleep everyday and they are exping there for 5 days, all day and all night. Don't know how to get rid off them but if any GM could check this spot I would be gratefull! They are farming in Cave of Trials: [content moderated]