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  1. Do not fool yourself. New EU TZ server (probably NA TZ too) is necessary. Yesterday VIP Giran had queue of 300. It will be even worse, since more and more players will buy cheap VIP1 account. In result, NCwest will either give priority for VIP 2,3,4 but it wont solve the problem at all. There is enough of EU TZ players tol fill another server. Once server will be open at least 500~will be bots, 1,5k players with 3k of boxes = 5k. New servers are best solution, however removing afk fishing/events would be good moves too. I dont know any reason for afk activities to exist. They al
  2. My story short: Came from work. Try to log in. Client closes while typing in PIN. Try 5 more times. At 6th try I finally succeded (time-wise) typing in PIN. Window pop-up - Due to 5 PIN failures my account got suspended for 8h. Apparently, closed client while typing PIN = PIN filure. Screw this customer service. I ve never seen worse service than this 2k18 L2 classic.
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