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  1. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    good job ncsoft really good job.. with bleep vip lvl 4 i wait 300+ uin queue and once i hit like 16 client will be closed... happened twice and im not trying again.. fustrated and dont want to purchase more vip anymore.. server is full of bots and yet again that client closed error.. good luck with ur servers
  2. Bot Reporting

    lineage 2 is 10 years+ game.. all players here are grownup working peoples. are u simply telling me after u paid ur subscribtion to play the game (vip lvl4).. u have daily 3h of play time but "c'mon dont play start sending tickets waste ur time after bots so we will see if we do something about it?.. you dont need chance to collect the information simply put one or two active ingame gms.. someone who check farming areas who can attent to the game
  3. Bot Reporting

    this issue is botherin' me so much too. i do work and when i come back from work 2-3h of play time all i see bots around.. i paid lvl 4 vip twice to have dualbox buffer just for bots to ks or take whole area undercontrol without effort? im not saying u have to do this and that.. whatever u do will effect bad other ppls who are playing but at least u can have active gms one or two who can check the farming areas tho' u can find and ban bots.. at the weekend i wanted to play with my friends and we went to exp in forgotten temple... gues what? all rooms were taken by bots.. that made already 4 of my friend quit the server.. and im barely stayin' untill my vip expires most probably i will quit too.. nc soft doesnt even see loosing people who actually supports and pay for server to be alive tho' keep ignoring bots.. maybe bots can pay ur salaries later on
  4. Accounts Closed for Illegal Third-Party Programs

    Maybe maximum 500 players can play on server while all others are bots.. and ppls who are using illegal programs making fun of others who are not.. report button doesnt do a sh1t besides account has only 10 reports and after what? No one bans illegal programs or bots and now they do it in open spaces taking out farming spots or makin market prices imbalanced because they dont use efforts to farm and no one do anything about it leaves two options either we look how to use bots too or leave the server eiter way server is dying.. even illegal servers care more about this thing can u see boting is killing the community? And when u planing to take action @Jujiand @hime
  5. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    This is getting ridiculous. Im waiting with my main lvl 4 vip and buffer lvl 1 chars 700 ppls.. while there are BOTS in game.. i report in game and many complain about it still nothing happens..
  6. NCsofts new game

    non vips right now
  7. NCsofts new game

    as title says this is best new game came out from NCSOFT - QUEUE SIMILATOR 2018.. man it feels so real.. its been looong since i last felt boring in queue.. or feels same like u are trying to get iphone in realease day.. peoples enter the line from early in the morhing till the night just to exp. i will definitely preorder "queue similator pro" once they release too
  8. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    this thing is getting serrious. look im lvl 4 Vip. you can feel free to check my status and willing to pay monthly to keep my vip lvl 4 status but if my friends or clannies cannot play because they cannot enter im not playing too.. there are tons of options out there.. im not paying 30-40usd monthly to play with full of afk fishermans.. so fix this afk problems or you will loose not only free players even VIPs
  9. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Quick solution. You can remove fishing rod from guild and add it to ncshop which will be available for vips in that case less afk players more vip purchase maybe and active players can enter to play too
  10. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    You should stop AFK activites s.a fishing and event monsters or else soon you will have no players left in server regardless vip or not.. im lvl 4 vip myself and i have long term playing plan with keeping my lvl4 vip however want to do that with my friends and not all of them willing to pay. So if they cannot play neither do i. And there arw more vips outthere ok they can enter the game but since actice non vips cannot enter who we play or party with? Fishermans? So NC soft fix it fast or you will loose all ur gamers in no time and my suggestion is yet again stop afk activites
  11. Unpopular Opinion

    zygia, i totaly agree with your unpopular opinion. i spend my youth in this game back then and still remember i've been working/grinding months for one revo sword (d grade). not to spend money i was walking from darkelven village to gludio and via reverse. after certain months of exping if i die somehow i was shouting to find a bishop to rez.me at least to take some exp back in big server only very few people had b grade armor sets and they were our idols. if happened to fight or want to fight with someone nomatter how mad you are. you were asking him/her to come to arena to fight not to loose your precious exp. and so goes on old good times. and this server now is exacly what i was looking for long time. brings all the good memories back. these peoples who crying for rates they are free to go another servers where are rates are how they want. server is full anyways we cannot even login im happy with the rates and my and my buddies are playing just like old times. yes im poor, and yes makes me crazy buy in the same time im having fun playing it. and after doing certain things or lvl up gives the feeling of you made something.. u've done it!.. anyways again i agree with your opinion.
  12. level 15 wolf quest

    this game aint joke. this game is exacly what i was looking for. its been loooong time since i have this much fun. and old memories. you guyz eighter used to play high rate servers or official where u can get lol items and full buffs.. this is how lineage2 used to be. i remember playing for months to buy one revo sword.. and even tho GK wasnt free how its here, i used to walk from dark elven village to gludio to save money. you guyz really dont know whats the struggle really means. so please stop complaining and if you dont want to play just dont play no one obligates you to play here. there are tons of options for you so have a nice day
  13. Cant log my acc from site

    i have that issue also, i can log in another computer but in my main computer i cannot log my account in
  14. Hi everyone. I just wanted to say quick suggestion while i was exping i see (also i do myself) so many peoples leave their accounts and dualboxes near event monsters inorder to get free items afk however that couses lag in area and due to high traffic peoples who actually want to play eighter stays in queue for long time to log in or client discconects. i suggest to eliminate that event monsters. or if not i thinks its better to do it in that way. who ever doesnt hit wont get the chest. thanks