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  1. Drop Calculator 2020

    Surprisingly: https://l2wiki.com/ Example: https://l2wiki.com/Tanor_Silenos_Chieftain
  2. Drop Calculator 2020

    Maybe an example of why I want to know: I farm for 30-40 hours in Tanor and got 9 ether, it is no tradeable and a r95-weapon require 2054 ... it means (because is not tradeable) you need 1/2 year farming to try (recipe is 60%) a R-95 craft I'm looking for a way of can progress in the game and use soul shots too ... I only buy 1600 NCoin per month and will be no enough for soul ore and cry R So I have no idea how to do it, and a drop calculator will be nice.... I am to old for try every mob in the l2 world lol... plus now is impossible to kill the raids in the instances lol
  3. Drop Calculator 2020

    Hello, somebody can tell me how to know the item drop per monster, also the probability... looks almost impossible to craft anything now... Thanks.