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  1. Login Server Down

    they announce it here
  2. New pvp or new grief?

    I tell u why? Cuz they never hear us. For they, we are not important. We play, we pay, we spent money, but, look, we are not important, ours opinion is not important. That is the L2NA Staff.
  3. New PVP System Changes.....umm Hime?

    i'm curious too about what they was thinking when had this GREAT idea... doesn't make any sense. But, you know, they WILL NO talk with us, like always. Like always, will be their will, only.
  4. New PvP & AOE

    man, the bad thing is IF they think better about it and go back this decision, will take a week long to make the fix (at least) One entire week of anarchy
  5. New PVP System Changes.....umm Hime?

    agree, but you and all we keep playing, right?
  6. New PVP System Changes.....umm Hime?

    Thats a good point. Some ppl will use this new system on wrong way.
  7. New PVP System Changes.....umm Hime?

    hahahaha i hear about "this server will die faster" since 2018 hahahahaha All "crying guys" about new pvp system is the botters. Thats the truth
  8. New PVP System Changes.....umm Hime?

    No, if u been killed by a player, you will not drop nothing. You drop items only if you have been killed bby a monster or NPC while red name.
  9. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    +1 Lots of ppl with connection problem and they try to solve? No, they MAKE A EVENT! hahahahaha They are perfect Genius!
  10. Can't get past server selection

    hahahaha I doubt the bots are having trouble connecting ... They never had any problems, it would not be now. Endless rows of bots in the towns and farm places and nobody ever did anything. This server and this administration is a disgrace. More than a week without being able to play, like thousands of other people, and nobody does NOTHING.
  11. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    Two game file updates, and nothing ... I'm already satisfied that I'll never be able to play again. I bought VIP for nothing ... Thank you NCSoft for the "perfect" gaming experience.
  12. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Same here, logged in yesterday, but today i cant. If they dont fix it tomorrow on next maintenance i will give up, bye bye l2.
  13. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    I sincerely hope to have some kind of "gift" because many have been unable to log in for days. I think the community deserves this.
  14. will be fixed, guys ... on next week's maintenance hahahaha