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  1. Hello everyone. This post is mainly intended for server administrators. With the end of the XP event and NO LOSS OF XP WHEN YOU DIE, the change in the PK system has become even more unsustainable. The PK does not lose items when it dies. Which means that more advanced players in the game, with better items, go around the map killing players who just want to play. This, added to the fact that on all maps there are entire hordes of bots running 24x7 (and this is no secret to anyone, least of all administrators), what happens is that the owners of the bots enter their characters very we
  2. I tell u why? Cuz they never hear us. For they, we are not important. We play, we pay, we spent money, but, look, we are not important, ours opinion is not important. That is the L2NA Staff.
  3. i'm curious too about what they was thinking when had this GREAT idea... doesn't make any sense. But, you know, they WILL NO talk with us, like always. Like always, will be their will, only.
  4. man, the bad thing is IF they think better about it and go back this decision, will take a week long to make the fix (at least) One entire week of anarchy
  5. Thats a good point. Some ppl will use this new system on wrong way.
  6. hahahaha i hear about "this server will die faster" since 2018 hahahahaha All "crying guys" about new pvp system is the botters. Thats the truth
  7. No, if u been killed by a player, you will not drop nothing. You drop items only if you have been killed bby a monster or NPC while red name.
  8. +1 Lots of ppl with connection problem and they try to solve? No, they MAKE A EVENT! hahahahaha They are perfect Genius!
  9. hahahaha I doubt the bots are having trouble connecting ... They never had any problems, it would not be now. Endless rows of bots in the towns and farm places and nobody ever did anything. This server and this administration is a disgrace. More than a week without being able to play, like thousands of other people, and nobody does NOTHING.
  10. Two game file updates, and nothing ... I'm already satisfied that I'll never be able to play again. I bought VIP for nothing ... Thank you NCSoft for the "perfect" gaming experience.
  11. Same here, logged in yesterday, but today i cant. If they dont fix it tomorrow on next maintenance i will give up, bye bye l2.
  12. I sincerely hope to have some kind of "gift" because many have been unable to log in for days. I think the community deserves this.
  13. will be fixed, guys ... on next week's maintenance hahahaha
  14. Do you know why this kind of thing, grotesque, happens? It happens because no one from NCSoft really wants to solve. Why to solve, just look, simply. Just enter the server and take a walk. That, in the video, happens every day, 24 hours a day, at Dion's GK. So if someone from the server administration really cares and wants to solve the problem, it's simple. The report system does not work. What they ask us to do, which is to record a video and send it to Technical Support takes too much time. If I were to make a video for every bot I found, I would not play, I would just be doing the work the
  15. I'm trying to login and something is wrong. When I get to the screen of the selection server, I choose the server and press "OK", nothing happens. So, I close the game, try everything again and ... "account already in use". I close everything again, select the server, press ok ... NOTHING! Is anyone else having this problem?
  16. Good night. What are the measures GMs think to take to resolve (or at least decrease) the GIGANTABLE amount of bots on the server? Report, kill, post prints here in the forum, none of this is solving. People are creating real armies of bots and flooding the server with adena sold for real money. To the server administrators, a request: Solve the bot issue! For the good future of the server, solve. I believe this is the number one priority.
  17. hahahaha are u serious about this advice? He will stop playing because cant pay te SS with broke adena amount drop and u telling him to buy 2 bows and ewd to try over enchant? hahahahaha
  18. Challenging only for normal players like me... botters and adena sellers is enjoying all that
  19. If you say that DO NOT WANT fix the adena drop amount, ok, is your decision. But, you come here and say that the amount is correct, please. Just go and kill a 45+ mob, any mob. And tell me if it is correct. Satyr Elder at Enchanted Valley, drop 810 adena. On l2 wiki the info for that mob is from 1144 to 2670. A Formor giving 218, and on wiki say that drop is 248 to 579. The sad part is that I was enjoying playing here
  20. Ok, but right now, is punishing all players and the enonomy of the server. You know, not everyone have a CP or more than 3 friends to play with, a lot of ppl play only with 1 box. 100 Adena from a 41+ mob is a real punishment.
  21. True. I want play too, want pay for VIP, but the game is so shredded that we become unmotivated
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