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  1. Estimated calculation of GK

    walk the walk. be grateful that you had it easy until 40. they clearly just don't want the top of the curve to be THAT far ahead, just yet. how are you still thinking the rates are bugged lol, it's so obviously intended
  2. Mind posting it on forums? And/or letting us know what it's for? As always, such a great dev team.
  3. Limit client instances to 2

    damn. screw spectrum
  4. loop with macro

    defeats the purpose of releasing a "classic" version.
  5. Limit client instances to 2

    they've actually been doing this somewhat for a while. If you try multi-boxing, you'll notice you get d/c every half hour or so.
  6. have some patience, it takes them a while to kick 600 f2p accounts for our vip asses.
  7. don't be acting like you've never played NC games before.. the ONLY time NC scrambles to fix anything is when there's some unintended loophole-ish benefit that certain ppl are taking advantage of. and stop crying about 40+ adena rates, it's pretty obviously intentional. They want the general population to remain reasonably competitive with P2W'ers, so they "unofficially" penalize people that move too far ahead of the curve by limiting drop rates on higher lvl mobs. ofc, they will never admit this, but we all know that's what's going on.
  8. all vip's get same queue, whether u got 1 or 4.
  9. WTB morning star heads x 2

    Someone please sell me 2 morning star heads already... send pm or mail to Parkboyoung or DVA. thank you
  10. Try..clicking on "cancel" button? I got that on my 1st login, but I noticed we actually have a button other than "OK" now, so tried that, didn't close. But server's going down in 3 mins anyway
  11. Make NCoin Transferable

    Makes zero sense from NC's perspective. Some common sense?
  12. Add Trade Section In Forum !

    I wrote this idea as a comment on another thread, some idiot thought that would make the game "not Lineage-like", didn't bother responding. We're not in 2004 anymore, and the game certainly isn't what it was back then. We shouldn't be stuck on old ideas forever. Especially with the queue causing headaches for a lot of people, a trade forum would lighten up the queue significantly. +1
  13. Offline Shop Why Not?

    Just create a new board dedicated to trading, that would help a lot. I've been trying to get 4 morning star heads to no avail, holding my grinding back so I'm losing potential money in the meantime. If anyone has morning star heads to sell in Talking Island, please let me know. I'm tight on money but I'm very open to reasonable offers.
  14. should show up in L2 store screen on bottom once you get your confirmation email. If not, I suggest contact support
  15. WTS Sword of Reflection / WTB Tarbar heads

    WTB Morning Star heads instead. Still need 4 more pcs, please send pm or mail.