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  1. When I invite to party, the loot changes to finders keeper and the ui asks to the invited toon if he wants accept. Accept or not the loot changes from random including spoil to finders keeper. Was a old bug now back
  2. 110 on queue and we have this since yesterday, afk in aden:
  3. Just remove manner system, nobody uses it and it needs several checkings before attack a mob
  4. @JujiI confirm, hit and pause is back, nothing fixed
  5. i bet it's Xigncode not starting after server selction
  6. With wtfast works on 3 accounts but 1 month subscription costs 9.99$, ncsoft refund me pls
  7. At BattlepIng they say the server closer to the game servers so choose Texas
  8. On 28th march started open beta with new toons after the wipe of closed beta toons, on 28th april started the official pay to play and they celebrate that
  9. 1. Italy 2. 1st toon BlacMagic phantom ranger rtired, since 2005 DemonicLust spectral master 3. Started in open beta Taiwan in summer 2003 then closed beta NA. Kain when was created. 4. 103 - 55% 5. Never quit but now just playing the few dailies at reset
  10. Mine from a Slayer's song text, [name removed].
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