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  1. Sooo alot bots,they everywere.NCSoft should rename game to -L2 Classic Botland and add near "without customer support"
  2. 1.1-18 novice quest 2.18-24 Gludio Ruins,Dark Elf village quest (farm spiders till you get 250-300k for top ng weap) 3.22-27 Abandon camp,Partizans Hideaway,Execution ground. 4.27-35.Forgotten temple(inside you can get from some mobs drop EAD),Ant nest,Around Cruma tower. 5.33+ can start find/make party Cruma inside. 6.35-70 Special Daily 7.50+ can start grind sp ToI
  3. You need be checked cause you probably adena seller.Nobody buy you adena cause they doing de quest so you wanna fix last hope getting legit adena.
  4. Those Adena sellers spaming everywhere,any field any town.Cant use chats,need disable pm and general if you want use guild or party chat.Just make impossible pm lvl1-15 to higher lvls and add some restrictions impossible lvl1-15 use chats.
  5. Bug in quest description ,they should change to 3.2k instead of 1k. If they change reward to 1k it takes forever grind 150k for just low nograde weapon.
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