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  1. pressing OK in select server section and no response, even today ;/
  2. BUY>>EXP 63+

    write nick here or pm "bestwaifu
  3. its better buy pandents and sell for aden , than buying from aden from aden sellers , thanks <3
  4. LF scythe craft or buy rcp

    spoiling from rotting trees in sea of spores or looking for craft
  5. wts exp aoe 36+

    Pm in game bestwaifu for more info
  6. wts exp aoe 36+

    wts exp aoe overhit 36+ 80k-1hour pm for more details
  7. Say nicks , ty ;p Or pm getnaked On 19gmt+3 to 02:00 , better tell me your nick or dwarf who have craft i didnt saw any
  8. 2 laptops

    Thanks i thin that too
  9. 2 laptops

    Im playing wl + se with one laptop , but i want have 2 shops and i have another laptop . I read all rules and i saw max 3 acc per 1 pc , so i can have 2 box/shop with another laptop and have no problems? Thanks
  10. 2 laptops

    Im playing wl+se with one laptop ,can i use another laptop for 2 shops?